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Ways to reduce costs in EPDM products

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Ways to reduce costs in EPDM products

Products made with EPDM rubber are excellent in aging resistance, high temperature resistance and ozone resistance, especially for outdoor rubber products that can last for a long time in various extreme environments. However, the price of EPDM rubber is high, so many rubber products manufacturers want to reduce the production cost under the premise of ensuring the quality of the products. How can we reduce the cost of EPDM products?

1. Use rubber packing

EPDM rubber is a low-density variety in common rubbers, and can be filled with a large amount of rubber fillers, such as light calcium carbonate, clay, etc., and it is not suitable for some ethylene rubber with high Mooney viscosity. Its physical and mechanical properties have a great impact, and the comprehensive performance of EPDM products with a large amount of rubber filler is still good. Therefore, many rubber products manufacturers choose to use a large amount of fillers to reduce the production cost of EPDM rubber products.

2. Use rubber to fill the oil

Rubber oil can improve rubber plasticity, reduce rubber viscosity and mixing temperature during EPDM rubber processing, thereby reducing power consumption during EPDM rubber processing and promoting uniform mixing and dispersion of compounding agent; The oil can not only improve the processing performance of the rubber compound, but also increase the volume of the EPDM rubber to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost. Therefore, the use of low-cost rubber-filled oils such as mechanical oil is another way to reduce the cost of EPDM products.

The high filling of rubber filler and rubber filler oil in low-density EPDM rubber can reduce the production cost of rubber products. It is one of the two most commonly used methods for rubber manufacturers, but is this really the best method? Is there any other way to reduce the production cost of EPDM?

3. Surface modification of rubber filler

The rubber filler has a poor reinforcing effect in EPDM rubber products. Although it has little effect on the performance of EPDM rubber products, the excessive dosage will still have certain influence. At this time, the rubber filler is modified with a modifier. Surface treatment can improve the reinforcing performance of rubber filler in EPDM rubber. It can be used as a substitute for some reinforcing agents. For example, activated calcium carbonate can improve the tear strength and flex resistance of EPDM rubber. Performance and other indicators, replacing part of carbon black to reduce the cost of raw materials for rubber products.

4. Use EPDM reclaimed rubber

EPDM reclaimed rubber is a renewable resource such as machine rubber and waste EPDM rubber produced during the production of EPDM rubber. It is resistant to high and low temperature and excellent aging resistance. The performance of Ethylene-propylene rubber is basically the same, the price is much lower than that of EPDM rubber. It can replace all or part of E-ethylene-propylene raw rubber to produce rubber products and reduce the cost of raw materials. This is also the mainstream cost reduction of EPDM products. raw material.

The above four methods are the main ways to reduce the production cost of EPDM rubber products. They are very common in the production process. However, according to Xiaobian’s glimpse, it is recommended that you use modified rubber filler or EPDM reclaimed rubber. The performance and life expectancy of the finished products of EPDM recycled rubber products are more favorable. What do you think?