Odorless EPDM reclaimed rubber

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Odorless EPDM reclaimed rubber

  • Tensile strength:9.5Mpa
  • Elongation at break:400%
  • Shore hardness:58HA
  • Fineness of mesh:80mesh
  • Environmental level:GB code
  • Produced:HongYun
  • Specifications:25KG
  • Packing:Plastic
  • Date:2010-01
  • Hits:18891

Samples and rubber formula are provided free of charge

Hongyun tasteless reclaimed EPDM by EPDM, head of unvulcanized rubber rubber as the main raw material, after crushing classification of double screw 80 double channel filter can preserve the original shape, molecular weight and rubber chain structure of more than 90%, using the patented EPDM reclaimed rubber production segment desulfurization tasteless and no migration, high and low temperature resistance, aging, high insulation, surface smooth and bright, labor saving, simple process, open characteristics of mixing, extrusion molding products can be used by hundreds of enterprises to use rubber after average cost is decreased by 20%.

Applicable products: EPDM sealing strip, EPDM hose, wire and cable sheath, water stop belt, air conditioning pipe, automotive interior, conveyor belt, sports facilities and anti-corrosion lining and other ethylene propylene rubber products.

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