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Three reasons to choose EPDM reclaim adhesive for sponge seals

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Three reasons to choose EPDM reclaim adhesive for sponge seals

Sponge Foam Sealing Strip is a sealing strip of rubber material that has uniform pores inside the foaming agent and other rubber additives. Compared with solid sealing strip, rubber foaming sealing strip is lighter and has better toughness. , cushioning, insulation. The EPDM rubber in the rubber material is the most commonly used raw material in the production of the foam sealing tape. The EPDM reclaimed rubber is used as a rubber material processed from the EPDM scrap rubber and the waste EPDM rubber. It replaces EPDM rubber to produce foam seals and the best raw materials for reducing production costs.

1, low cost

The EPDM reclaimed rubber on the market has different raw materials, different amounts of rubber and different indicators. The EPDM reclaimed rubber made from unvulcanized EPDM rubber has better adhesive content. The index is better, but the price is also slightly higher; to waste EPDM rubber products (mainly waste washing machine seals, car seals, etc.), this type of EPDM reclaimed rubber containing low glue, the relative price is lower . The price of EPDM reclaimed rubber with high gel content and EPDM reclaimed rubber with low gel content is much lower than that of EPDM rubber, so the production cost of EPDM foam seal can be significantly reduced. .

2, good processing performance

EPDM reclaimed rubber needs to undergo complex processes such as crushing, desulfurization, filtration, and rolling in the production process. During the production process, the internal rubber compound structure will be severely damaged. Therefore, the plasticity and flow of the finished EPDM reclaimed rubber are eliminated. It is superior to EPDM rubber and is used to produce EPDM reclaimed rubber sponge foam seals that are easy to mix and shape, saving electricity and electricity bills.

3, good performance

EPDM reclaimed rubber weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, oxygen resistance, ozone resistance, anti-ultraviolet radiation, so it can resist cold and heat, air aging, ozone erosion, ultraviolet radiation for a long time, can withstand high temperatures below 120 degrees Celsius for a long time, short time or even Can withstand 230-260 degrees high temperature, produced by the sponge seal has a very long life and good sealing performance; so EPDM reclaimed rubber foam seal can be exposed outdoors for a long time, almost no cracks or Hardened and brittle fractured.

When using EPDM reclaimed rubber to produce sponge foam sealing strips, it is necessary to choose the right product according to the requirements and cost budget of the foam sealing strips. The best condition for the selection of EPDM reclaimed rubber with a fineness of about 80 mesh , In order to ensure that EPDM reclaimed rubber sponge foam seal strips are smoothly extruded during processing, the surface maintains a good gloss. 

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