1. Product color differences
1.1 Recycled rubber affected by the raw materials have a certain color, only to ensure stable product indicators, different batches of product color may be slightly different.
1.2 The net refer to the product images are normal shooting, part of the picture may have color; Please sample or the actual color of the goods prevail.
1.3 Upon receipt of the dye, sand and other impurities, flooding and other issues, please inform us and negotiate with the logistics, product loading are verified without the above problems.
2. Product performance indicators
2.1 Performance indicators of recycled rubber in the spring and autumn and summer in winter slightly different, all of the rubber raw materials have such problems.
2.2 Custom or urgent delivery of recycled rubber performance index slightly floating, parking and then use the index can be restored and easy to rubber.
2.3 The normal delivery of reclaimed rubber have been parked 7-15 days, indicators of stability and mixing simple, it is recommended to use within one month.
3. Product shipping
3.1 Acting on behalf of customers for free shipping business, to remind drivers to pay attention to matters highlighted in the waybill.
3.2 Please note the receipt of the product quantity, quality and appearance of inspection, charge HONGYUN recycled rubber cargo transport orders and envelopes .
3.3 If you need to specify the logistics or vehicles, please declare in advance, charge d'affaires shipment arrangements will be the fastest freight transport logistics.
4. Product storage
4.1 Reclaimed rubber products stored in a cool, dry place is appropriate, do not over-ventilated, easily lead to loss of oil.
4.2 Reclaimed rubber away from water, to avoid sand, metal debris and other impurities pollution; light-colored products should be far away from carbon black, color masterbatch and other color accessories.
5. Technical Support
5.1 Provide free technical support and formula guidance, mainly curing formula and rubber-based process.
5.2 Technicians do not sell formulations, equipment, molds and other products, in case of strong push the above products can be directly complaints to +8613831892680.
5.3 Technicians generally WeChat guidance-based, key customers can advance to apply rubber technician-site technical guidance, the cost of consultation.
5.4 Some uncommon usage may not be able to provide detailed technical guidance, such as rubber blending, modified rubber modified, polymer and rubber.
6. After-sales service
6.1 Returns need to buy recycled rubber within one month from the date of quality objections raised within seven days, expired can not return.
6.2 Returns the price to follow the raw material price fluctuations, such as the same price in accordance with the purchase price or both parties negotiated.
6.3 Non-quality problems caused by the return need to bear the freight back and forth, quality problems HONGYUN recycled rubber bear the freight.
6.4 Return can not affect the secondary sales: moisture, dyeing, impurities, oil, etc. will focus on acceptance, be sure to pay attention when checked.
7. Value-added services
7.1 HONGYUN reclaimed rubber free customer for product sales, receive orders for products give priority to customer care.
7.2 For customers in Hengshui rubber market purchasing a variety of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, accessories and other products, do not receive compensation and ensure genuine.
7.3 HONGYUN reclaimed rubber free to provide customers with two domain name site, the customer product online promotion.
7.4 Please need to provide promotional contact with the customer network for QQ: 78037668, WeChat public number: hy2686766.