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Nitrile reclaimed rubber production tanker hose glue

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Case description: oil resistant rubber products on the market are most nitrile rubber production, this is because the nitrile rubber in the rubber oil resistant performance is the best, which Shandong a liquid tank hose manufacturer as well, in the first use of nitrile rubber hose production liquid tank in glue; with the development of reclaimed rubber industry, more and more the oil resistant rubber products added to nitrile reclaimed rubber; the customer is planning to find a suitable replacement nitrile reclaimed rubber, nitrile rubber in the production of rubber, achieve the goal of reducing the cost.

Customer requirement analysis:

The liquid tank is 1. shipment oil substance vehicles, rubber hose inner layer directly with gasoline, oil and other oil substances contact, because of the need of raw materials with excellent oil resistance, can maintain good performance and long service life long time hose. As for the oil resistance of Ding Jing's regenerated rubber, the closest Ding Jing rubber should be the Ding Jing regeneration product with high adhesive capacity.

2. all the rubber products are aging, how to prevent the aging of rubber product is rubber products manufacturers no longer consider every hour and moment; nitrile reclaimed rubber has good oil resistance, but its anti aging performance is not as good as three Yuan rubber, therefore need to consider the aging resistant oil resistant hose.

3., the wear resistance of rubber products is also a major factor affecting the service life of rubber products. Therefore, it is better to produce butadiene rubber reclaimed rubber with rubber hose inside the tank truck to have good wear resistance.

Use products: Hongyun nitrile reclaimed rubber, the deck of nitrile rubber as the main raw materials, products containing high amount of glue, oil resistance coefficient, has good elasticity, plasticity, high wear resistance and aging resistance, can be used with the original production of various high standard nitrile rubber oil resistant rubber products.

How to use: the customer uses the lucky nitrile reclaimed rubber instead of the proper amount of NBR in the original formula, and adjusts the dosage of other rubber auxiliaries.

Results: the amount of Hongyun in the liquid tank hose with nitrile rubber with reclaimed rubber of the customers, significantly reducing the cost of raw materials; the reclaimed rubber products and good plasticity, and save a part of the electricity industry, to ensure product quality, reduce the cost of raw materials to.