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Nitrile reclaimed rubber production O-ring

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Product Name: O-type oil seals

Use occasion: O-rings produced by Ningbo customers are widely used in petroleum, gasoline, lubricating oil, silicone oil and other media to maintain good sealing performance.

Performance requirements: O-type oil seals should have good elasticity and elasticity, good oil resistance, stable chemical properties, high tensile strength, elongation and tear strength, good processability, and dimensional accuracy. The compression set is small to ensure that O-ring seals maintain a good sealing effect in oil-based medium for a long time. .

Applicable products: Hongyun green nitrile reclaimed rubber

Reason for selection: Hongyun's environmental protection nitrile reclaimed rubber raw material is deputy brand nitrile rubber, containing 90% of plastic, excellent oil resistance, can directly replace the nitrile rubber production of high oil O-ring; the nitrile reclaimed rubber products Light green and transparent block shape, when customers produce color sealing ring products, color matching is easier than other black nitrile reclaimed rubbers; products can be pulled arbitrarily, feel elasticity is good, tensile strength reaches above 16Mpa, has good mechanical properties Compared with nitrile rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber has higher flowability and better plasticity. It is easy to process and shape when producing O-ring seals.

Use effect: Ningbo customers use 90% of environmental protection acrylonitrile reclaimed rubber production of various colors of the seal ring products are loved by the majority of customers, product oil resistance, anti-aging, long-term in the oil medium can maintain good sealing performance, Effectively prevent oil leakage and air leakage.

Benefit analysis: According to the customer, the production cost of O-rings can be reduced by about 30% when using Hongyun's green nitrile reclaimed rubber. After the cost is reduced, the manufacturer lowers the sales price of a small part of the product. It is this small part. The price gap has brought them more business opportunities. The volume of orders has risen, and the benefits have naturally risen. The single-quarter earnings have been able to catch up for a whole year.

Case study: The operating temperature of the nitrile reclaimed O-ring is between 40-120 degrees Celsius. If the operating temperature is too high, the nitrile reclaimed rubber cannot be used as raw material.