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Nitrile reclaimed rubber production pump seal

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Case name: Shandong customers use nitrile reclaimed rubber to produce oil seals

Product use: Hongyun environmental nitrile reclaimed rubber

Case Description: In order to reduce the production cost of oil seals, Shandong customers replaced some of the nitrile butadiene rubber with Hongyun's green nitrile reclaimed rubber. Sales and profitability increased significantly.

Performance requirements: The role of the oil seal is to isolate the parts that need lubrication in the transmission parts from the output parts to prevent the penetration of lubricating oil. During use, friction may occur, and wear or heat may occur. This requires that the material used to produce the oil seal has good properties. The oil resistance (media resistance), wear resistance, heat resistance, etc., in order to maintain good performance and long service life.

Case process: Shandong customers mainly produce a variety of seals, seals, water seals, oil seals and other products, in which in order to increase the sales of oil seal products in the market, decided to lower product prices to attract more customers. In order to maintain normal production and achieve better profits, reducing production costs is imminent. Nitrile reclaimed rubber as a waste nitrile rubber, nitrile rubber product recycling and processing products, not only low prices, but also retained the good performance characteristics of nitrile rubber, it is the best replaceable to nitrile rubber.

Shandong customers inspected the products of nitrile reclaimed rubber around the country. From the product quality, to the formulation modification, and then to the freight calculation, the final decision was made to use Hongyun's environmentally-friendly nitrile reclaimed rubber. First of all, Hongyun nitrile reclaimed rubber contains high amounts of rubber and is high enough in terms of indicators. It can basically be close to the original glue, and can replace more nitrile rubber to reduce raw material costs. Secondly, it can dispense with formula design and Formula optimization, professional technical personnel can solve the problem of oil seal production; From the freight cost point of view, Hengshui Rubber City's Hongyun recycled rubber plant is not far from the customer, you can save some freight costs.

Product Advantages: Hongyun Environmental nitrile reclaimed rubber is made of secondary nitrile rubber. The product contains high amount of rubber, high coefficient of oil resistance, abrasion resistance and heat resistance. It can directly replace nitrile rubber to produce various high-standard oil-resistant rubber products. Good use performance.

Experience summary: The high rubber content of nitrile reclaimed rubber has higher effective rubber hydrocarbon content, better oil resistance coefficient, and a higher proportion of nitrile rubber substitutes; although the price of high-quality nitrile rubber reclaimed rubber is high, But still much lower than the price of nitrile rubber, so it can also effectively reduce the cost of rubber raw materials.