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Nitrile reclaimed rubber production oil hose

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Case Description: Oil-resistant hose is used to transport gasoline, engine oil, softening oil and other oil media at room temperature. It is mostly produced from nitrile rubber or chloroprene rubber with excellent oil resistance performance, in which nitrile rubber is polymerized from butadiene and acrylonitrile. It has excellent oil resistance and can be used for oil hoses for long periods of time. Hebei Xingtai Oil Resistant Products Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various oil-resistant seals and oil-resistant hoses. In order to reduce the production cost of oil hoses and adapt to market development, nitrile reclaimed rubber has been used in oil hoses.

Use way: Hongyun green nitrile reclaimed rubber + a small amount of nitrile rubber

Reason for selection: 1. Performance. The outer layer of oil-resistant rubber hose has high requirements for surface gloss and wall thickness. The inner layer rubber has high requirements for oil resistance, air tightness, smoothness and cleanliness. The fineness of Hongyun nitrile reclaimed rubber is about 80 mesh, which can guarantee the smooth surface and internal cleanliness of the oil-resistant hose. Smooth extrusion and clear texture can be achieved when the wall thickness is more than 3mm; the glue content is more than 90%, and the oil resistance is good. Excellent; Acrylonitrile content between 36% -42%, with 80 mesh fineness, air tightness and butyl regenerated rubber is almost the same.

2, the cost. Compared with nitrile rubbers of different grades, Hongyun Environmental-friendly nitrile reclaimed rubber prices are lower by more than half, which can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials while satisfying various requirements for nitrile nitrile hoses.

3, use. The customer's oil resistant hose produced by Hongyun Environmental Renewable Nitrile reclaimed rubber has excellent oil resistance, wear resistance, and aging resistance. It can be used in a variety of applications such as construction machinery, oil pumps, vehicles, and engines that have long-term contact with oil substances. Good use performance, wide range of use, long service life.

Case highlights: The customer's use of nitrile reclaimed rubber combined with a small amount of nitrile butadiene rubber can improve the overall performance of oil-resistant hoses and can also reduce the cost of oil-resistant hoses. Many rubber product manufacturers in order to achieve the "cost" and "quality" of a win-win situation, according to the performance requirements of rubber products will reclaimed rubber and the original rubber in a certain proportion and use, reclaimed rubber + glue is currently the main rubber products manufacturers production methods.