1. HONGYUN Reclaimed Rubber Copyright Declaration
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1.3 Manuscripts / texts, such as "Source: XXX," which are for the purpose of conveying more information, do not imply endorsement of the view or the authenticity of the content.
2. Except for the content of "Source: HONGYUN Reclaimed Rubber", the following contents of this website can not be freely reproduced:
2.1 The contents of this website refer to the contents of non-related links;
2.2 Has been made may not be reproduced or without permission reproduced content;
2.3 The copyright of other works which are not quoted or republished by this website or reproduced by this website;
2.4 Unique graphics, logo, page style, layout, program, etc. in this website;
2.5 This web site must have a specific authorization or registered user qualifications to be aware of;
2.6 Other laws do not allow or the contents of this website that are not suitable for reprint.
3. Reprinted or quoted The contents of this website must be based on news or information-free public information for the purpose of using a reasonable, good faith reference.
3.1 Reprinted shall not be intended to distort the contents of this website, at the same time must retain the site marked "source of manuscripts" and own legal responsibility for copyright.
4. Reprinting or quoting the content of this website shall not carry out the following activities:
4.1 damage Ben Wang or the interests of others; any illegal activities;
4.2 Anything that may disrupt the public good and bad habits;
4.3 unauthorized consent to others continue to reprint, quote this web content.
5. Reprinted or quoted articles in this network signature, involving commercial copyright interests, according to the provisions of the remuneration paid to the author.
6. For undiscriminate or quoted this website caused by civil disputes, administrative processing or other losses, Ben Wang is not responsible for.
7. HONGYUN Reclaimed Rubber Respect the intellectual property rights of others, and require our users to do the same.
8. For non-compliance with this statement or other illegal, malicious use of this site, Ben Wang reserves the right to pursue its legal obligations.
9. If Ben Wang reproduced manuscripts related to copyright issues, please write speed within one month with us: