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How does the natural rubber sole slip performance?

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How does the natural rubber sole slip performance?

As a traditional rubber variety, natural rubber has good internal molecular structure, high viscosity, good elasticity, wear resistance and tear resistance. Its processing performance is superior to synthetic rubber. It is widely used in rubber sole production; anti-slip and wear resistance is user-to-rubber The basic needs of the soles, the natural rubber used in the rubber soles on the market is mainly based on raw rubber No. 3 and standard rubber. The rubber soles produced are excellent in wear resistance; the problem is that the slip resistance of natural rubber soles is the same. excellent?

In fact, the natural rubber sole itself has a certain anti-slip property, but this anti-slip property is limited, especially when it is in contact with snow. Under normal circumstances, natural rubber sole manufacturers will use the following methods to improve the rubber sole slip resistance 1JLYY820.

1Because the sole is too hard to affect the slip resistance of the rubber sole to a certain extent, so appropriate to improve the elasticity and softness of the natural rubber sole can improve the slip resistance of the sole; 2 increase the number and depth of the natural rubber sole groove; 3 in need and long time Adding studs to the rubber soles that are in contact with snow; 4 Applying tape on the rubber soles in rainy days, significantly improving the slip resistance of the soles; 5 For rubber soles that are worn for a long time, users can choose to sand the soles with sandpaper or raw potatoes to increase their slip resistance. Sex. The latter two methods are life tips!

In the production process of natural rubber soles, rubber manufacturers will adjust the elasticity and mechanical strength of the rubber soles by adjusting the types and amounts of the various compounding agents in the formula to achieve the best use comfort, so as to increase the anti-slip performance of the rubber soles. Agents, fillers, and rubber softeners have the greatest impact.

Due to the high price of natural rubber and high price fluctuations, many rubber sole manufacturers that use natural rubber as the main raw material will choose to mix the right amount of tire rubber powder into the formula, which can reduce the cost of raw materials and improve the sole of natural rubber. Wear resistance. When it comes to tire rubber powder, it can improve road surface elasticity, grip, waterproof and slip resistance, reduce low temperature brittleness, and finally achieve the purpose of improving driving safety. Tire rubber powder can achieve shock absorption and lowering in rubber floor tiles. The effect of noise; in the car tires can reduce heat generation and improve wear resistance.

Then you may wish to imagine that the use of tire rubber powder in natural rubber soles can also improve the slip resistance of the soles, especially waterproof and slip resistant?