Free Sample

Sample Order Information
Please order samples by fax, WeChat, SMS, QQ, etc. (WeChat SMS: +86 13091187722; fax: +86 318-7103066)
Format: sample name, your company name, address, phone, recipient full name. (By default, SF Express sends out before 16:00)
You will receive the delivery receipt (sample delivery order number) after the order has been successfully ordered. The customer will receive the shipment number, freight and driver's phone details.
HONGYUN reclaimed rubber sincerely hope that the successful cooperation with your company, are also willing to provide free samples of various reclaimed rubber or recycled plastic accessories to give you a free trial.
Reclaimed rubber prices have been very favorable and free samples of large base, please sample more than 1KG friends to buy the entire trial, thanks for the understanding and support!
Free Sample Size and Range
reclaimed rubber sample 1KG; reclaimed rubber powder 1KG; rubber deodorant 50 grams; rubber brightener 1KG (SF Express postage to pay)
The above number of samples free, HONGYUN reclaimed rubber will not charge you any fees. In case of charges, please call +86 13831892680 complaints!
Sample Quality Standard
HONGYUN reclaimed rubber to ensure consistent quality samples and large quantities, quality and timely delivery.
HONGYUN reclaimed rubber detection based on "GB / T 13460-2008" "EU ROHS Directive"
HONGYUN reclaimed rubber quotation detection index for the third-party test results (to be sent to the factory test report)
If you use the rapid test method in accordance with the conversion ratio of the target conversion, rapid test results and the actual indicators are different.
Sample Acceptor and Inquiry Sample
HONGYUN reclaimed rubber will save the record of each sample, check courier number, please provide the following information for inquiry.
Query Sample Express and Waybill Please provide the recipient's full name, recipient's phone number, order samples to verify identity.
Tip: If the short-term repeated samples or unpaid postage will be automatically added to the sample blacklist lead to subscription failure.