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Imported tire top reclaimed rubber production hose

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Case background: Mr. Zheng is the person in charge of a rubber hose manufacturer in Shandong Province. It has been some years since he used imported tires with super fine reclaimed rubber. During the past few years, the market competition has become more fierce and the competitors have changed batch after batch. And he "steadyly sits on the Diaoyutai", which is inseparable from his flexible business mind and the concept of good faith.

Product features: Mr. Zheng's hose products, said the full range, but only one type of product, is a black ordinary hose; but if you say that the single product type, he can meet different customer needs. This is because in the past few years, Mr. Zheng has been focused on doing one thing: the use of tire reclaimed rubber to produce a variety of indicators of low-priced hose products, and the main raw material is Hongyun tire reclaimed rubber; according to different customer needs to adjust product formulations, Production of different indicators, different grades of black hose. Focused, low-cost, customizable production, should be Mr. Zheng's magic weapon to win in the market!

Usage: Mr. Zheng uses the way of importing the tire top super fine reclaimed rubber to produce the hose. It is not the same for some black rubber hoses with low performance requirements. It uses the super fine reclaimed rubber of the tire top completely; the hose with high performance requirements is used. A certain amount of natural rubber is used in the hose product, and the proportion of the natural rubber is also related to the customer's demand to satisfy the customer's demand as the production target. Therefore, Mr. Zheng often discusses black hose formulations with our engineers. As it happens, Xiao Bian is writing this case. The engineer also received a call from Mr. Cheng.

The principle of use: As Mr. Zheng's black hose wall thickness is between 2-3mm, the reclaimed rubber used must be above 80 mesh. Fortunately, the imported top tire reclaimed rubber is 80 mesh 900-1200 imported tire tread rubber. Powder is a raw material; Hongyun imported superfine reclaimed rubber from the tire top is odorless and environmentally friendly, and it meets the current environmental protection and tasteless needs of hose products. It also meets the current policy. It is said that Mr. Zheng still makes some export products from time to time; With proper amount of natural rubber, the elasticity of the hose can be improved, the flexibility of the hose under low temperature conditions can be increased, and the service life can be prolonged. Therefore, under the advice of our engineers, Mr. Zheng adds a certain amount of natural rubber to the high-index hose.

Xiao Bian concludes: Mr. Zheng of Shandong Province uses the black rubber hose imported from Hongyun's imported tire top super fine reclaimed rubber to be sold on the first phase. The surface is smooth and bright black. The product's elasticity and tensile strength are high and hard to change. Crisp crack phenomenon; hose anti-aging, long service life; the most important thing is that the product is lower than the price of the same target product, but also can be customized in batch production, convenient and cost-effective, so how can there be no customers?