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Rubber waterstop with 1# high strength reclaimed rubber

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Rubber waterstop with 1# high strength reclaimed rubber

Customer demand: reduce the production cost of rubber waterstops

Recommended products: Fortune 1# high strength reclaimed rubber

Solving the difficulty: low-cost reclaimed rubber has poor performance and can not meet the performance requirements of rubber waterstop; high-index tire reclaimed rubber exceeds customer cost budget

Case process: Hengshui Jing County Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd. is a new customer who has cooperated with us for less than half a year. This customer is very familiar with the sales personnel. In order to find the reclaimed rubber which can reduce the cost of raw materials and meet the requirements of the index, Our company ran no less than ten, and listened to Xiaobian to give you a closer look.

When the customer came for the first time, our sales staff listened to his various needs and recommended to him 1# high-strength reclaimed rubber processed from 1200 waste tire top. The tensile strength of the product was reached. Around 16Mpa, the elongation at break is 590%. From the raw material selection to the production process, there is a perfect quality control system. It can be said that we have the best mechanical properties of the tire reclaimed rubber here. Of course, the price is high, so the customer refuses. Use 1# reclaimed rubber; later the customer came and went several times in a matter of half a month.

Later, the customer visited again, just in time to catch up with our engineers. After further understanding, our engineers gave him some new suggestions, and gave him some samples of 1# high-strength reclaimed rubber, and specific to the customer. The demand and the performance characteristics of the 1# reclaimed rubber were designed to test the formula, and then the customer left in a more "tangled" mood.

After a period of time, Jingxian customers took the sample and pointed out that the indicators of the rubber waterstop samples produced by using the high-strength 1# reclaimed rubber were higher than their original standards, and asked if they could be replaced with low prices. Some reclaimed rubber can further reduce the cost of raw materials.

Case study: The biggest purpose of using reclaimed rubber is to reduce the production cost of rubber products. Therefore, almost all rubber products manufacturers have experienced such psychological processes. Low-priced products can not meet the demand, but achieve high-performance regeneration with relevant standards. The price of glue is also high. It is always hoped that the cost will be lowered a little and then lowered a little. There is no minimum or only lower; therefore, when the trial sample of a certain reclaimed rubber reaches the standard or exceeds the standard, it wants to change the product. Try, can you compress the cost a bit; but sometimes the quality and cost are really difficult to complete, and then, Xiaobian still recommends that you choose the most suitable reclaimed rubber product under the advice of professionals. Don't lose quality because of cost.

Customer feedback: Jingxian customers later tried our 2# reclaimed rubber and 3# reclaimed rubber (I believe that during this period, we also transferred a lot of reclaimed rubber factories), and finally decided to use Hongyun 1# high-strength reclaimed rubber, a large number of inputs After the production, the user feedback is good, many users have added a lot of orders, and the economic benefits have been significantly improved.

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