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Recycled rubber production of low-cost foam strips

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Recycled rubber production of low-cost foam strips

Customer Name: Hebei Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Use the product: Hongyun Superfine Tire Reclaimed Rubber

Use occasions: low-cost foaming tape

Usage: tire reclaimed rubber + very small amount of natural rubber

Case process: Hebei customers to produce a variety of low-cost foam strips for customers as the main business projects, according to the various needs of customers a large number of custom production. A new order was received the other day. The appearance, odor and strength of the styrofoam strip are required to be high, but the cost budget is relatively low. The use of existing rubber raw materials in the warehouse is either too costly or insufficient. Need to exchange a new raw material, so the manufacturers put the target on the special tire reclaimed rubber. As a representative enterprise of special reclaimed rubber, the operation of Hong is naturally considered by this customer.

The customer was in a hurry when he was lucky. In the afternoon, the staff was ready to close and work. The factory engineer said that after seeing the product information released by Hongyun, he drove directly and did not consider the time of work. It was better to catch up. . The customer, with the sales staff's suggestions, took 5 pieces of superfine reclaimed rubber for the test of foamed rubber strips. The wind, the wind and the fire were gone, but it was only a quarter of an hour before and after.

Three days later, the customer called and ordered 2 tons of Hongyun Tire Recycled Rubber. It is understood that after five trials, the manufacturer decided to add a bit of natural rubber to Superfine's super fine reclaimed rubber. This will not only meet customer's requirements for styrofoam, but also minimize raw material costs. .

Advantages of the product: Hongyun Tire Superfine Recycled Adhesive has a fineness of up to 80 meshes. The production of styrofoam is good for uniform foaming of the product and the surface of the product is glossy. The product conforms to the national standard and has no taste, and it can satisfy customers' tastelessness. Demand; The product has acceptable tear strength and flex resistance.

Case tracking: Hebei customers use Polyfoam's super fine reclaimed rubber to produce various properties of styrofoam to meet customer demand, which is about 25% lower than the budgeted cost. Therefore, it is decided to order this product for a long time by adjusting tire reclaimed rubber and natural The proportion of glue meets the needs of different customers' indicators.

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