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Tire tread rubber mixed with 1# high-strength tire reclaimed rubber

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Customer Inquiries: Recently, customers have asked whether there are reclaimed rubber products that can be added to tire tread rubber. Our sales staff recommended Hongyun 1# high-strength reclaimed rubber to the customer according to the situation, and introduced the amount and formula adjustment in detail. Skills, then the customer ordered two pieces of 40kg 1# reclaimed rubber to go back to trial!

Principle analysis: The research results show that adding a certain amount of high-strength tire rubber in the commonly used tire tread rubber can reduce the principle cost and improve the tire tread processing technology through a certain formula adjustment. Most of the tread rubbers in the market are made of natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, and butadiene rubber. However, such tires are produced at a higher cost. The tire reclaimed rubber is more flexible than natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Larger cracks, but cheaper prices; if you want to add tire reclaimed rubber tire tread rubber, you can increase the amount of carbon black, adjust the amount of sulfur, accelerator to improve reclaimed rubber flex crack big defects, in order to achieve the tire The performance of the tread rubber products reduces production costs.

Progress of the case: It is reported that this customer immediately entered the trial stage after obtaining our high-strength reclaimed rubber products; through the constant research of engineers, they decided to add 10 tires to the rubber compounded with natural rubber and butadiene rubber. Reclaimed rubber, and adjust the amount of rubber excipients such as vulcanizing agents, accelerators, reinforcing fillers, etc., and obtained the tire tread rubber tensile strength, tensile stress, tear strength, flex cracking resistance and other indicators are in line with the product Standards, that is, qualified products. The customer reduced the production cost by adding 1# high-strength reclaimed rubber to the tread rubber, indicating that 1# high-strength tire rubber should be ordered in the future.

Supplementary explanation: After this “going and hurrying” customer, we learned later that he was a tire manufacturer in Shandong. The decision to add reclaimed rubber to the tires was also considered “forced” by the general trend. Information, holding on to the attitude of trying to see, did not expect it but got an unexpected joy. After adding Hongyun 1# rubber reclaimed rubber, the price of the product has been reduced by a certain amount, but the quality has not been reduced, and the sales volume has suddenly increased.

Product introduction: Hongyun No. 1 tire reclaimed rubber strength up to 16Mpa or more, the use of 1200 used tires first washed by washing machine and after smashing by magnetic separation and shaker to remove impurities, and then use Belgian equipment and the most advanced high-strength segmented desulfurization After the process is completed, the product has high strength, good elasticity, small specific gravity, no migration, low Mooney viscosity, and easy operation. It is an ideal raw material for producing high-strength and high-wearing rubber products such as tires and tires, and can reduce raw material costs by an average of 23%.