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Tread Reclaimed Rubber Production Rubber Pads

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Case Overview: A rubber product manufacturer in Shandong is engaged in the processing of various rubber tires, rubber seals, rubber pipes, rubber gaskets, etc., in which their rubber pad products began to use Hongyun's tire top reclaimed rubber from 2013, resulting in low product prices. All kinds of durable, every year for the market to launch a large number of cost-effective rubber mats, praised by the majority of customers.

Brief introduction of the cushion belt: The rubber cushion belt is what we usually call the lining belt and the pressure strip. It is installed between the inner tube of the tire and the rim. The middle thickness is thicker and thinner, and the edge is thinner and thinner. The inner surface of the inner tyre is protected from rim wear. With good anti-aging and wear resistance, the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber compound are not very high.

Products used: Hongyun Tire Ultra Fine Reclaimed Rubber (low price, high strength, good elasticity, excellent wear resistance)

Reason for selection: Hongyun Tire Reclaimed Rubber Featured 900-1200 used tire tire top rubber powder as raw material, containing high amount of rubber, good elasticity, strong force, used in the production of rubber pads can meet the various rubber raw materials Indicator requirements; low price of recycled rubber at the top of the tire, which can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials; the high fineness of the reclaimed rubber at the top of the tire, and the smooth and smooth surface of the rubber mat produced; the superfine reclaimed rubber at the top of the tire is environmentally friendly and can be used to produce various products. Export-type rubber products.

Application: Tire reclaimed rubber + glue (variable). The rubber pads produced by Shandong customers using rubberized rubber from the top of the tires cover a wide range of models. From agricultural vehicles to heavy-duty passenger cars, different models have different requirements for rubber pads. Therefore, the customer adjusts the performance requirements of rubber pads according to different specifications. The ratio of tread reclaimed rubber to raw rubber to produce the most cost-effective rubber pad.

Xiao Bian said: Tread reclaimed rubber compared with the whole tire reclaimed rubber and regenerative rubber side, the amount of plastic, strong, the price is lower than the original rubber, using the original rubber and production methods used to produce rubber products, can be significant Reducing raw material costs for rubber products can also improve the anti-aging properties and tear resistance of rubber products. Since the first time in 13th year after using recyclable rubber products, we have been getting goods from Hongyun, with stable quality and excellent performance indicators. We have also enlarged the profit margin while ensuring that the performance of rubber cushions is unchanged.