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Custom tire reclaimed rubber production rubber speed reduction belt

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Customer Name: Luzhou Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd.

Use occasion: Rubber speed belt

Use of products: custom-made tire reclaimed rubber

Case Description: A transportation facility Co., Ltd. of Ganzhou is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various rubber transportation facilities. Rubber road cones and rubber speed reduction belts are their main products; the rubber speed bumps produced by the company are widely used on the road by nearby customers. People, vehicles, and garages, schools, shopping malls, and garages have greatly reduced the frequency of accidents. With the continuous increase of competitors around the company, the company decided to replace the raw materials of rubber speed reduction belts in order to adapt to market trends and reduce part of the production costs.

Case process: Under normal circumstances, the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber speed bump are not high, the tensile strength is between 6-8.5Mpa, and the elongation at break is about 200-250%. The customers in Luzhou understand the various aspects of Hongyun. After the tire reclaimed rubber product specifications, it was decided to purchase two pieces of 6# tire reclaimed rubber proofing. As a result, it was found that although the cost of the rubber speed bump sample produced was reduced by a certain amount, the index exceeded the required tensile strength and elongation at break, and the odor It is too big; after communicating with the engineers of Hongyun, it was decided to provide a regenerative rubber with a low index and low odor, and to further reduce the cost under the premise of meeting the demand for rubber speed bumps.

Case result: Hongyun Reclaimed Rubber Factory specially produced a batch of new tire reclaimed rubber products according to the specific needs of customers in Ganzhou; after the completion of the production, the customer found that the rubber deceleration belt produced by Xinhong Tire reclaimed rubber had good pressure resistance. , Elasticity, sound absorption and shock absorption effect is remarkable, the customer response speed reduction belt product is particularly cost-effective, low price, product aging resistance performance, easy to install, bright colors, not fade discoloration.

Case highlights: At the very beginning, when the customers of Chenzhou contacted Hongyun, they found that the existing reclaimed rubber products of Hongyun Reclaimed Rubber Factory meet the demand for rubber deceleration with odor, and the price of tire reclaimed rubber is high, and the index is high. The tires meet the requirements of various indicators. The rubber deceleration produced from reclaimed rubber has a large odor. Fortunately, customers can order a group of low-price tire reclaimed rubber with low odor and low cost for customers, which brings higher economic benefits to customers.