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Ultra-fine tire top reclaimed rubber reduces conveyor belt cost

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Customer Name: Hengshui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Use product: Hongyun tire top super fine reclaimed rubber

Purpose of use: Reduce conveyor belt production costs

Usage: Mix in a certain proportion in natural rubber, butadiene rubber

Case Description: HENGSHUI Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of machinery, conveyor belts and other mechanical parts such as conveyors, rollers and brackets. The customer's rubber conveyor belt made of natural rubber and butadiene rubber has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, cold resistance, wear resistance and flex resistance. It has less heat during continuous use and is highly praised by customers around. In the face of increasingly fierce peer competition, HENGSHUI customers decided to use a small amount of reclaimed rubber to meet the national standards, reducing production costs.

There is a problem: tire reclaimed rubber is the lowest reclaimed rubber product in the market. It has good compatibility in natural rubber and butadiene rubber, and is an ideal substitute for some raw rubber. However, the quality of tire reclaimed rubber of different manufacturers in the market is very different, uneven and quality stability can not be guaranteed; tire reclaimed rubber is used as a renewable resource for recycling and reprocessing of used tires, and there are certain gaps between various indexes and natural rubber and butadiene rubber. Excessive dosage can lead to a decrease in the physical properties of the rubber compound, especially the elongation at break.

Solution: 1Select the cooperation of regular reclaimed rubber factory. Hengshui Hongyun Special Recycled Rubber Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of special reclaimed rubber for many years. It is committed to providing customers with better quality and more stable new raw materials for reducing the cost of rubber products. The production scale to the inventory has a special control system, the tire reclaimed rubber inventory is large, the quality is stable; the customer through the online evaluation to the field trip, and finally decided to cooperate with the Fortune.

2 In order to reduce the negative impact of the tire reclaimed rubber on the performance of the conveyor belt, the customer decided to use the high-index imported super-fine reclaimed rubber for the top of the conveyor belt under the recommendation of the Hongyun technicians. The trial results show that the imported tire top is super The fine rubber reclaimed rubber has higher effective rubber hydrocarbon content than ordinary tire reclaimed rubber. It has high fineness and good fluidity. It can be added to the natural rubber/butadiene rubber conveyor belt to meet the national standard. The calendering performance of the rubber compound is improved. The surface of the glue is uniform, smooth and shiny.

3 For the tire reclaimed rubber to reduce the problem of the conveyor belt covering rubber index, the Fortune engineers found that the softening system was mainly designed due to the unreasonable design of the softening system. The customer softening system was changed to use asphalt and coumarone to ease the use of coumarone. The hardening and brittle defects effectively improve the adhesiveness of the rubber.

Case effect: HENGSHUI customers use Hongyun imported tire top super-fine reclaimed rubber to replace part of raw rubber to produce rubber conveyor belt, which can not only reduce the production cost, but also improve the conveyor belt calendering process to a certain extent, achieving a win-win situation between cost and quality. In the later return visit, the customer indicated that he will continue to cooperate with Hongyun to develop and produce mechanical rubber products with higher cost performance.