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High-strength environmentally-friendly reclaimed rubber to produce black sponge foam sole

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Customer Name: Zhejiang Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Use product: special high-strength fine tire reclaimed rubber

Use occasion: production of black sponge foam sole

Use: natural rubber + tire reclaimed rubber

Case background: Sponge rubber sole is an important product in rubber soles. It has light texture, good elasticity and high comfort. It is loved by all people. There are countless shoe companies in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and the market competition is particularly fierce. Providing a cost-effective rubber sole undoubtedly adds more competitive chips to itself; the main business of Zhejiang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is to supply rubber soles of various rubber materials for shoe processing enterprises, in order to meet the cost needs of customers and users. With increasing environmental requirements, the customer decided to use the right amount of environmentally friendly tire reclaimed rubber in the rubber sole.

Reasons for selection: Coal tar contains aromatic fused ring hydrocarbons and heterocyclic compounds. It has good compatibility with rubber and can increase the tensile strength and elongation at break of reclaimed rubber. It is the most commonly used softener in the production of reclaimed rubber; However, when the tire reclaimed rubber produced by coal tar is tested, its polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content far exceeds the requirements of international relevant regulations, and it is a toxic and harmful polluting reclaimed rubber internationally. At present, the country has banned the use of coal tar in the production of recycled rubber. ), used in the production of sponge rubber soles, containing aromatic hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, naphthalene, anthracene, phenol and other harmful substances will seriously affect human health, induce cancer, infertility and so on.

The test results show that the Hongyun special high-strength fine tire reclaimed rubber is made of polycalcium fat and tall oil as the main desulfurizer, and is imported from German technology and the latest infrared desulfurization process. The products of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons test meet the international environmental protection standards. It can be used to produce all kinds of non-polluting, non-radiating and non-permeating rubber products; the special environmentally-friendly tire reclaimed rubber product has a fineness of about 60 mesh, and the product has high strength, small specific gravity and good elasticity. It is used in natural rubber production. The rubber sole not only reduces the production cost, but also meets the environmental testing standards and improves the wear resistance, flexing resistance and aging resistance of the rubber sole.

Use effect: Zhejiang customers choose to purchase the high-strength fine reclaimed rubber in the long-distance to produce sponge rubber soles in order to meet the relevant environmental protection standards. In the process of use, the customer comprehensively considers the technical indexes of rubber reclaimed rubber, rubber hydrocarbon content and vulcanizing agent content. , moisture content, softener content and the index requirement of the black sponge rubber sole, the natural rubber and the special high-strength environmentally-friendly tire reclaimed rubber are used in an appropriate ratio, and the black which meets the detection standard is produced under the condition of reducing the production cost by 15%. Sponge rubber soles have received more orders from local shoe processing companies.