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9MPa tire reclaimed rubber to produce ordinary rubber miscellaneous pieces

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Customer Name: Hengshui a rubber and plastic products factory

Select product: Fortune 9MPa tire reclaimed rubber

Cooperation time: 1 year

Use occasion: ordinary rubber miscellaneous pieces

Case background: Hengshui a rubber and plastic products manufacturer specializes in producing all kinds of rubber mats, rubber rings and other small rubber miscellaneous pieces or special-shaped pieces; as the national environmental protection efforts continue to increase, the customer's original production of rubber miscellaneous pieces of ordinary tire reclaimed rubber has been difficult To meet environmental protection needs, new rubber raw materials need to be replaced, but for the low-end market, natural rubber is obviously too expensive, which is difficult for small factories; therefore, it is necessary to choose a reclaimed rubber product that can meet environmental protection requirements to reduce the production of rubber miscellaneous parts. cost.

Reason for selection: The customer believes that the customer is responsible for the production of various low-cost rubber miscellaneous pieces as the main business items. Since ordinary rubber miscellaneous pieces have low requirements on the mechanical strength of the rubber compound, the ordinary tire reclaimed rubber of nearby manufacturers has been used; Since then, the increasingly strict environmental protection policy and people's growing awareness of environmental protection, the use of environmentally friendly rubber raw materials to produce rubber miscellaneous pieces has become a trend.

The customer learned through the network that Hongyun specializes in producing all kinds of special reclaimed rubber, including odorless reclaimed rubber and environmentally-friendly reclaimed rubber. Therefore, the customer came to the Fortune Headquarters with a try attitude and decided to try the Fortune 5# regeneration under the advice of the engineer. Glue; 5# Recycled rubber has a fineness of 30-40 mesh, a tensile strength of 9.5 MPa, and a price of 2,500 yuan / less, which can fully meet the environmental protection requirements and cost requirements of rubber miscellaneous pieces.

Case feedback: The customer responded that the ex-factory price of Hongyun 5# tire reclaimed rubber was 50/ton higher than the original reclaimed rubber price, but the weight of Hongyun 5# reclaimed rubber was smaller, and more rubber miscellaneous pieces could be produced per ton. Therefore, the extra price can be neglected; the rubber miscellaneous pieces produced by using 5# reclaimed rubber have a small smell and can meet the relevant standards.

Case summary: When using recycled rubber to produce rubber products, rubber products manufacturers not only need to consider the price of reclaimed rubber, but also need to include the parameters such as the amount of rubber and specific gravity of the reclaimed rubber into the key considerations; Small means that more miscellaneous products can be produced, which is more favorable in production cost.