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Black nitrile rubber powder brake pads

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Case description: In order to improve the toughness and friction coefficient of rubber brake pads, Zhejiang customers decided to add nitrile rubber powder to the brake pad material. After many trials, they decided to abandon the nearby nitrile rubber powder, preferring to increase freight costs. , use Hongyun black nitrile rubber powder.

Purpose of use: The addition of an appropriate amount of nitrile rubber powder to the phenolic resin to be used in the production of brake pads can improve the toughness of the material, increase the friction coefficient of the friction plate, and reduce the noise to a certain extent and improve the comfort during braking.

Reason for selection: Nitrile rubber powder has good oil resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, and has the following advantages when it is used in the production of brake pads.

1, nitrile rubber powder for phenolic resin, can increase flexibility, plasticity, when used in the production of brake pads can reduce wear, increase friction coefficient, improve friction properties;

2, good adhesion of nitrile rubber powder can increase the brake pads adhesion;

3, nitrile rubber powder is an elastomer, used in the brake pads can improve the impact resistance of the brake pads;

4, Hongyun nitrile rubber powder high fineness, can be evenly distributed in the brake pad material, to reduce brake wear;

5, nitrile rubber powder can reduce the hardness of the brake pads within a certain range, reduce the noise during braking, and improve comfort;

6. In terms of cost, due to the fact that the brake pads are mostly black, using the same fineness of black nitrile rubber powder can reduce part of the raw material costs.

Summary of the case: After adding the black nitrile rubber powder to the brake pads in Zhejiang, the customer not only improved the friction coefficient of the brake pads, but also improved the impact resistance and wear resistance, and also reduced the noise decibel to a certain extent; The price of nitrile rubber powder products is reasonable, compatibility with other materials is good, and the effect of modification is obvious. The manufacturer of rubber products for brake pads may wish to try.

Product use: Hongyun nitrile rubber powder has black and white two colors, heat, cold, wear, non-slip, oil, solvent, knead flexibility, widely used in all kinds of rubber and plastics modified, increased elastic toughness, resistance Grinding non-slip rubber products and paint coatings.