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Rubber tire production rubber floor tiles reduce costs

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Rubber floor tiles are a kind of floor tiles that have emerged in recent years. They are beautiful colors, non-slip shock absorption, and high comfort. They are deeply loved by people. A certain customer in Langfang followed the market trend and used the tire rubber powder of our factory to process the floor of the rubber floor tile, which greatly reduced the production cost.

Purpose: To ensure quality and reduce costs

Uses: Floor tiles

Features: waterproof, anti-skid, shock absorption, wear resistance, anti-static, anti-aging, etc.

Product use: 40 mesh tire rubber powder

Instructions for use: The rubber floor tiles produced by the customer are made of rubber granules and rubber powder as the main raw materials. After being colored, they are coated with adhesive and pressed. The bottom layer of the floor tiles is processed by the tire rubber powder of our factory so as to improve product quality and reduce the cost of raw materials. purpose.

The biggest feature of rubber floor tiles is non-slip shock absorption. The Hongyun tyre rubber powder is processed with 900-1200 scrap tires. The quality of raw materials is guaranteed. The proportion of tire rubber powder produced is small, high elongation at break, high strength, and suppression. The bottom layer of the rubber floor tile has good elasticity and high strength, and fully meets the performance requirement of “anti-skid shock absorption”.

Tire rubber powder can improve the wear resistance, aging resistance and tear strength of rubber tiles, and extend the service life of rubber tiles.

The bottom layer of the rubber floor tile made by the use of Hongyun 40 mesh tire rubber powder is waterproof, anti-static, not easily deformed and easy to clean.

Hongyun 40 mesh tire rubber powder is of low price, good fluidity, and easy to process. This customer has reduced the production cost (including raw material cost and industrial power bill) cost by about 30% during use.

Langfang customers use Hongyun 40 mesh tire rubber to produce rubber floor tiles. Under the increasingly fierce market trend of price competition, “low-cost sales” have not only reduced the profit of individual products, but also greatly expanded the market share, and the profits have risen linearly. It has formed a win-win situation of “cost, quality, market, profitability”.