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Application examples of tire rubber powder in rubber blind brick

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The rubber blind brick is a brick made of rubber as the main material and designed specifically for the blind to prevent it from going wrong. Compared with the traditional blind brick, it can also reduce the damage suffered by the blind when it falls. The tire rubber powder processed from waste tires has good elasticity, small specific gravity and low price. It can replace the natural rubber and synthetic rubber to produce rubber blind bricks, which can ensure the good performance of blind bricks and significantly reduce the cost of raw materials. Then, what process does the tire rubber powder process into rubber blind bricks? What are the advantages and what can be used?

1. Material selection

Material selection is the fundamental factor determining the quality of rubber blind bricks. When rubber products manufacturers choose to produce blind rubber bricks, they choose 900-1200 tires to ensure the rubber shells have good elasticity and shock absorption. Sex, cushioning and wear resistance; various types of waste tires are different, different types of used tires have different quality, and the processed tire rubber powders are very different. Generally, the raw rubber powder produced by the regular reclaimed rubber factory has stable sources. The quality of the products is not easy to fluctuate. Therefore, in addition to selecting suitable tire rubber powders, rubber products companies should choose to cooperate with regular reclaimed rubber factories in the same products, try to avoid cooperation with dealers and agents, and ensure tire rubber. The powder quality is stable.

2. Production

When producing rubber blind bricks from tire rubber powder, firstly, the used tire rubber powder is opened by an open mill, and the rubber auxiliary materials such as compounding agent and accelerator are added reasonably, and then the flat vulcanizing machine is used to vulcanize the mold, and after cooling, the whole can be completed. Production processes. When the tire rubber powder is put into the open mill, it must pay attention to the temperature and time. The cooling process after the vulcanization molding must be sufficient to avoid the re-vulcanization of the rubber blind brick.

Blind bricks are not limited to black. For some colored rubber blind bricks, rubber manufacturers need to carry out color matching during re-production (tire rubber powder is mostly used to produce black rubber blind bricks, which is more cost-effective).

3. Application

The rubber blind bricks produced by using used tire rubber powder can not only bring the comfort of the foot, reduce the noise, but also have superior anti-slip performance, easy to clean, economical and durable, and can be used to lay pedestrian bridges, highways, park passages, Reduce the path area, and also can be used in playgrounds, kindergartens, primary and secondary school playgrounds and other sports venues to ensure good slip resistance, noise reduction, shock absorption.