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Black rubber soles mixed with tire rubber powder to reduce costs

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Black rubber soles mixed with tire rubber powder to reduce costs

Customer Information: A factory in Gaomi

Use product: Hongyun tire powder

Production products: black rubber soles

Case Background: Mr. Wang of Gaomi City was the head of a bottom-making plant. At the beginning of the establishment, he made a thorough investigation of the rubber sole market and eventually set the target on black rubber soles because of various raw materials and various In the sole of color, the black rubber outsole is the most widely used; and it is decided to add a part of the tire rubber powder to the rubber sole, which can reduce the production cost. On the other hand, the lower product pricing is more likely to enter the market.

Application: rubber raw material + tire rubber powder (do fill)

Reason for selection: Before Mr. Wang decided to set up a factory, he consulted a large number of rubber sole production materials and found that studies showed that the physical properties of rubber soles mixed with some tire rubber powders were not significantly different from sole products without added rubber powder. It is reasonable to control the amount of tire rubber powder mixed, and the rubber soles produced can fully meet the needs of customers.

Effect of use: After many comparisons, Mr. Wang decided to use Hongyun tire rubber powder. From proofing to production, the process was very smooth. According to Mr. Wang, he added a certain amount of rubber powder to the black rubber sole formula to make it not only reduce the cost of raw materials, but also improved the abrasion resistance of the rubber sole. In the production process, the rubber compounded, The extrusion process has also been improved; all performance tests of black rubber soles can meet relevant national standards. Rubber soles are of low quality and low price, and the market sales quickly catch up with those who produced soles.

Case summary: Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Mr. Wang went to the black rubber soles before starting the factory and did a lot of homework. Eventually he succeeded. Hongyun's tire rubber powder 900-1200 tires are selected and produced by air-turbine refrigeration cryogenic grinding method. The product has high fineness, high tear strength, small specific gravity, and good fluidity, whether as a main material or as a filler material. Are good products. Mr. Wang used some tire rubber powder in the black rubber sole, which reduced the production cost by about 35% and achieved good economic benefits.

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