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Waste tire rubber production reflective rubber road cone

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Customer Name: Shijiazhuang Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.

Use product: Hongyun tire powder

Products of Production: Rubber Road Reflective Cone

Background: Shijiazhuang Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of various rubber fire-fighting products. The road cones used in highway isolation, track isolation, stadium isolation, exhibition hall isolation and other occasions are its main products. However, the latest batch of road cones produced were unqualified and had some irritating odors. After testing, it was due to the unstable quality of tire rubber powder supplies that caused the quality of this batch of rubber road cones. Similar problems have also occurred and it was decided to replace tire rubber powder manufacturers.

Use effect: Compared with road cones of other materials, the reflective road cones produced with the use of waste tire rubber powder as the main material can maintain good elasticity and wear resistance in low temperature environment and high temperature environment, and are heat-resistant, cold-resistant and hard to occur. Cracking does not occur during the rainy season; it has good flexibility; it is not easily damaged by foreign objects such as vehicles; it has better stability and stronger pressure resistance; it does not produce irritating odors at high temperatures or during rainy days. It will not be corroded by rainwater as the corrugated metal road cones. The road cones produce less noise in the process of placing and moving, withstand pressure, drop resistance, light and durable, and have excellent resilience performance. After the return to the original state. Together with high reflective material, reflective effect is good. Placed on the intersection of the city lanes, sidewalks, between buildings for warning effect is very good. So it is welcomed by many companies.

Benefit Analysis: The replacement of road cone products produced from the waste tire powder not only reduces the cost of raw materials and solves the problem of large odors; the elasticity, toughness, and wear resistance of the products have also been improved. After a long-term cooperation, the use of Hongyun Recycling Co. The quality of the rubber road cone produced by a batch of tire rubber powder was stable, and there was no problem with the quality of the product. It was highly praised by customers and the sales volume of the product increased.

Advantages of the product: The good-quality waste 900-1200 tires used in the waste tires used in the company are produced using advanced air-turbine refrigeration cryogenic comminution method, which can produce various specifications of tire rubber powder, waste tire granules and other products according to customer requirements. High, high tear strength, small specific gravity, good fluidity, the most important is the long-term stability of product quality, adequate supply, is the ideal raw material for the production of various rubber mats, cushioning materials, roadbeds, road cones.