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Rubber hammer filled with noise powder reduces costs

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Customer Name: Hengshui Small Rubber Products Factory

Product use: low-cost noise waste rubber powder

Expected goal: to fill low-priced waste tyre rubber powder while not affecting the quality of the rubber hammer, in order to reduce raw material costs.

Usage: In the rubber product formulation, low-price tire rubber powder is used as a filler, and the filling amount is about 25% of the rubber material.

Product introduction: The surface of the rubber hammer is soft, and it will not cause damage to the striking surface when used, and it will not produce sparks when struck, so it is deeply loved by people in various working places. Rubber hammers on the market are also varied, shock hammers, mounting hammers, etc., mainly used for machine installation, home improvement, floor tile installation, etc. Different people have different requirements for the performance of rubber hammers. For example, rubber hammers that are generally required for carpentry must be inelastic, and they must not be deformed or broken when relatively accurate hardness is required.

Reason for selection: The customer is a small rubber product processing factory in Hengshui, which mainly produces various rubber hammers according to customer requirements. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the plant has been unable to support the use of high-cost rubber raw materials to produce rubber hammers. The weak profit has forced manufacturers to turn around in search of low-cost raw materials. Therefore, the customer decided to lower the price of the product on the premise of ensuring quality and reducing the cost of raw materials in order to occupy a place in the fierce market competition.

Hongyun low-cost scrap tire rubber powder is cheap, flexible, small proportion, environmental protection without irritating odor, filled in the rubber hammer can not only reduce the cost of raw materials, but also improve the elasticity and wear resistance of rubber hammer, extend product life; The rubber hammer produced after the waste powder is added to the waste has the following advantages: 1 It has good elasticity, and can protect the striking surface from external force when it is heavily hit; some of them can also be used for anti-explosion work. 2 high abrasion resistance, strong and durable; 3 rubber hammer surface is smooth, when the percussion is very small, it can strike without damaging the surface of the workpiece and will not produce sparks; 4 corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life. 5 The same quality, lower price than similar products, users are more easily accepted.

Case Highlights: The performance of variegated rubber powder is comparable to that of other rubber powder products, and the price is lower. This customer, as a local customer of Hengshui, does not have to pay high freight for low-priced products, and can be said to have won at the starting line. The customer uses variegated rubber powder for rubber hammer production and has developed a variety of specifications for high, medium, and low end gear to meet the requirements of customers at home and abroad.