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EPDM particles laying outdoor soccer field

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Project case: Hongyun EPDM rubber particles laid outdoor football field

Construction area: 120m*90m

Application: EPDM rubber particles filled artificial grass surface

Purpose of use: Filling the artificial grass surface of the outdoor football field with EPDM rubber particles does not harm the skin to the athletes. It can reduce the injuries to the knees and other areas and prevent friction. In terms of climate, it is resistant to corrosion and ozone, and the rainy season. Hydrophobic speed is fast, it is not easy to rot and mold; take the environment, environmental protection, tasteless, bright colors, very beautiful.

Reason for selection: Hongyun's EPDM rubber particles are made from some scrap material produced in the production of high-quality EPDM rubber products, and are processed through many complicated processes. The product has good elasticity, wear resistance, non-slip resistance and resistance. Combustion, anti-aging, impact resistance, impact resistance, good permeability, high safety; Hongyun EPDM rubber particles have two kinds of red and green products, and the color used in the runway is brighter.

The client said: We have been involved in the laying of the stadium runway for several years. Under normal circumstances, if we use EPDM rubber particles, we will use Hongyun products. The reason why we cooperate with Hongyun for so long is that their products are good. Fortunately, the surface of the EPDM rubber particles is glossy, and there are some exaggerations when there is light, but the color is particularly good and the elasticity is good; the particle size is uniform, and it does not say that the size is too large, the size of the small is too small. The most important thing is that the rubber particles of Hongyun are very high purity and basically have no impurities, so the products are better in terms of aging resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the runway has a longer service life; this is what we have always chosen. EPDM particles cause.

Summary of Cases: A customer's good job at one time does not mean that the product is really good, but the customer does not change the product after using the EPDM rubber particles. This is the biggest affirmation of Hongyun's rubber particles. If you need to use EPDM rubber to lay outdoor playgrounds, runways, and playgrounds, take a look at Hongyun's products and I am sure you will be satisfied. We are confident in our products. For you, we will not only provide quality rubber pellets, but also provide attentive service.