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9# natural rubber production sports shoes outsole

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Customer Name: Shandong Qingdao Shoes Co., Ltd.

Application: Sports shoes outsole

Product use: Malaysia 9# yellow landing natural rubber

Case Description:Shandong Shoe Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of rubber soles, PU soles, EVA soles, etc., among which the color sports shoes outsole produced by Hongyun 9# yellow landing natural rubber products are of good quality and low price, and are widely used by customers. Unanimously recommended.

Performance requirements: The biggest requirement for people choosing sports shoes is comfort. Therefore, the first requirement for raw materials for producing rubber soles is elasticity and resilience, and the softness is high. Generally, the elderly and children prefer sports shoes. Sex raises high demands; young and middle-aged sports enthusiasts are also accustomed to wearing sports shoes. Their requirements for sports soles are light and wear-resistant; the beauty-loving crowd likes a variety of sports shoes to match different styles and colors of clothing. Therefore, it is best to use sports shoes with various colors.

Reason for selection: The 9# yellow landing rubber natural rubber imported from Malaysia has a rubber hydrocarbon content of 90% or more, excellent elasticity and elasticity of the product, and the molded rubber sole is soft and has a high anti-skid coefficient; the resistance to 9# floor adhesive Excellent aging and flexing resistance, rubber outsole has good wear resistance, can adapt to different roads, the service life is longer in the same price of the product; 9# floor natural rubber is light yellow solid block, production each The color sports soles are easy to match colors and are less prone to discoloration and migration, and can adapt to the preferences of different users and different groups of people.

The effect of using 9# falling natural rubber is lower than that of standard natural rubber, which can reduce the cost of raw materials. When the price of natural rubber soars or plunges, the price of 9# floor adhesive does not fluctuate, and it can be used by manufacturers. Cost control within a certain range, but also to ensure the stability of the quality of rubber soles; At present, the customer's use of Hongyun 9 # floor adhesive production of sports shoes outsole in all products best-selling, for it has brought huge economic benefits.

Case summary: Under normal circumstances, for some molded rubber products manufacturers with low cost requirements and high quality requirements, they can use floor adhesives that are lower in price than natural rubber, which can guarantee quality and reduce costs. It is the most cost-effective option.