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Malaysia 7# natural rubber production color plastic sheet

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Customer Information: Ganzhou Hejian Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Product use: 7# yellow floor natural rubber

Production products: color rubber sheet

Cooperation time: two and a half years

Use effect: The color plastic sheet produced by Hongyun Malaysia 7# natural rubber has bright colors, elasticity, wear resistance and other indicators meet the needs of customers. The sales volume in the market has been ahead of other nearby counterparts and has achieved good economic benefits. .

Case Background: Every manufacturer who decides to use floor glue to produce plastic sheets has the same heart as the one that uses reclaimed rubber to reduce the cost of raw materials, as does the customer in Quzhou. In order to better meet customer's demand for price, they began to use floor glue instead of natural rubber to produce color plastic sheets. However, after replacing plastic sheet raw materials, the colored plastic sheet products produced were dark in color and lost in appearance. Therefore, although the cost has decreased during that period, the sales volume has declined, thus achieving the goal of reducing costs, but it has not achieved the ultimate goal of improving economic efficiency.

Case development: Quzhou customers use 7# floor-to-face natural rubber proofing. Compared with before, the color plastic sheet samples can be seen to have a clear improvement in the darkening phenomenon of the naked eye. The detection of various indicators has also been improved compared to before. After that, the customer began ordering a large number of Hongyun 7# natural rubber. The color plastic sheets of various colors produced by using 7# yellow floor natural rubber are brighter, more eye-catching in the market, and have excellent wear resistance, resilience up to 80%, and have sound absorption, noise reduction, impact resistance , corrosion resistance and other advantages, long service life. It is understood that after the first batch of products processed and manufactured by Hongyun Malaysia No. 7 natural rubber as raw materials were put in the market, they were quickly sold out with the price and quality of the people, and they were well received by the users.

Case summary: The 7# yellow landing natural rubber imported from Malaysia by Hongyun Company is the same as the standard natural rubber. The content of rubber hydrocarbon is over 90%. The product has good elasticity, small specific gravity, high tensile strength, and high elongation at break. When replacing natural rubber to produce rubber molded rubber products, raw material costs can be significantly reduced while ensuring quality. In addition to Luzhou customers, customers in the Shandong, Tianjin, Jiangsu, and Hengshui local areas all have color plastic sheets. In follow-up studies, the use of Hongyun 7# floor adhesive to produce color plastic sheets can reduce material costs by an average of 30-40%.