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Black composite natural rubber production high wear-resistant conveyor belt

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Customer Name: Baoding Tape Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Product use: Hongyun black composite natural rubber

Product Type: High wear-resisting conveyor belt

Reason for selection: Conveyor belt products manufactured by Hebei Baoding Belt Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have high requirements for strength, elongation, and wear resistance of raw materials. Ordinary reclaimed rubber can not meet customer needs, natural rubber prices are high, and Hongyun black compound natural rubber. The tensile strength and elongation at break of the product are higher than those of reclaimed rubber, and the price is much lower than that of natural rubber. Therefore, it is an ideal raw material for producing highly wear-resistant conveyor belts and reducing raw material costs.

Conveyor belt Product features: The conveyor belts produced by Baoding customers are mainly man-character conveyor belts and stripe conveyor belts. This is to prevent the material from falling; conveyor belts are light, thin, strong, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, fatigue-resistant, and used. Long life, for a variety of long-distance, high-load power transmission line.

Use effect: Hongyun black compound natural rubber product has small proportion, strong strength is about 21Mpa, good elasticity, good wear resistance, the produced conveyor belt has good impact resistance, anti-fatigue test, elasticity test, etc. meet the relevant standards of conveyor belt, Has a long service life; the product is less expensive than standard natural rubber and can reduce raw material costs by about 35%.

Experience Introduction: Reclaimed rubber can reduce the cost of raw materials. Among them, latex reclaimed rubber is the best raw material for producing rubber products instead of natural rubber. However, sometimes latex reclaimed rubber indicators cannot meet the performance requirements of rubber products. At this time, reclaimed rubber is used to reduce costs. Undoubtedly, they buried their own market; relatively speaking, various models of natural rubber at home and abroad have good performance, but the price is too high. In the increasingly fierce market competition, especially for some small rubber products manufacturers, there is no brand advantage. Can work hard on the price, high-priced natural rubber is not digested by these companies; this time, you can consider the use of high index, the price is relatively low, natural rubber, composite natural rubber, vice natural rubber, do not blindly in the regeneration Glue between glue and glue.

Compound natural rubber: compound natural rubber generally refers to rubber hydrocarbon content of 95% -99.5%, add a small amount of stearic acid and other synthetic rubber (styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, etc.), and zinc oxide, carbon black Or rubber compounded by a plasticizer. The main raw materials of the black compound rubber of Hongyun Reclaimed Rubber Factory are floor-standing natural rubber, rubber glue, carbon black and stearic acid. The product has good abrasion resistance and small specific gravity. The tensile strength is about 21Mpa, which can directly replace the Vietnamese 3L standard. Two production rubber products significantly reduce the cost of raw materials.