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7# natural rubber production stethoscope tube

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Case Overview: Environmentally-friendly stethoscope hose produced by Qinghe Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is of high quality and low price. It is welcomed by major hospitals and small clinics. It leads sales in nearby regions and has a good market evaluation.

Product use: Hongyun 7# yellow landing natural rubber

Reason for selection: The rubber hose produced by Xingtai customer has very strict requirements on elasticity, elongation and environmental protection standards. It is difficult for ordinary latex reclaimed rubber to meet its requirements, but the high standard natural rubber cost is not affordable for the manufacturer, so in order to ensure Product quality can reduce costs to a certain extent. Xingtai customers use 7# natural rubber on the advice of engineers to find a balance between quality and cost.

Case process: It is understood that the customer used the latex reclaimed rubber and the natural rubber to produce the stethoscope hose before using Hongyun 7# natural rubber, but because the latex reclaimed rubber has a certain gap between the performance and the natural rubber, the production The indicators of the stethoscope hose came out of the customer's demand, and the product was unsatisfactory. At this time, the method of improving product quality was to increase the amount of natural rubber, but the excessive amount of natural rubber was not allowed by the cost. With the cost of production is in a dilemma.

At this time, the engineer's opinion was to use natural rubber to produce stethoscope hoses. The reason is that the cost of the stethoscope hose produced with natural rubber and latex reclaimed rubber is almost the same as the production cost of natural rubber; the boss still wants to reduce to some extent cost. Therefore, between the cost and quality in the dilemma, the company is also quite a bit of a sturdy atmosphere.

How is this low pressure relieved? Inadvertently seeing the loyalty 7# landing natural rubber breaks the deadlock. It turned out that when engineers bored, they inadvertently saw the information on the 7# natural rubber products released by Hongyun, and took a look at the mentality of trying to call 0318-2686766. Everything later went smoothly. The engineer asks for samples → formulate the recipe → small trials → test indicators → pass → bulk orders → put in production.

Case effect: Hongyun 7# rubber content of natural rubber rubber is over 90%. The product has a small specific gravity, good elasticity, high tensile strength, and high elongation at break. The stethoscope hose produced complies with environmental standards, elasticity and elasticity Strong, excellent ductility, high strength, large stretch, not easy to break, not easily deformed, cracking phenomenon should not occur, in the use of low temperature conditions have a very long service life, the product indicators tested to fully meet customer needs.

Benefit analysis: Although the price of natural rubber 7# is slightly lower than that of standard natural rubber, the product index is higher than that of latex reclaimed rubber. Therefore, in the face of high-priced natural rubber, the replacement of natural rubber to produce a stethoscope hose can not only reduce raw material costs but also ensure product quality. Quality, production and sales have greatly increased, and profits have increased significantly. It is said that the customer is prepared to use the Hongyun 7# natural rubber to produce green rubber hoses in fitness equipment, sporting goods, and children's toys.

Case summary: 1 (rubber product manufacturer) +1 (Hongyun reclaimed rubber factory)> 2 (quality, cost)