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7# natural rubber production transparent sole

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Recently, a customer from Hebei Province sent a picture of a color transparent rubber sole and consulted with our engineers. The use of reclaimed rubber can not only reduce costs, but also ensure product quality. Through in-depth understanding, we recommended a product to the customer, 7 # yellow landing natural rubber. The customer is very puzzled about our recommendation. "I want to use reclaimed rubber. How do you recommend natural rubber to me? Is this a cost reduction?"

For the customer's questions, the engineer did not give any explanation. Instead, he sent a rubber formula to the customer along with the 7# reclaimed rubber sample. He hoped that the customer could make a sample, check the product quality and calculate the production cost. Five days later, the customer called to say that the sample performance was fully qualified, and that the cost could be reduced by about 25%, indicating that it would immediately purchase a large volume of production.

The formula given by our engineers is 7# floor adhesive and filled with calcium powder to produce a transparent rubber sole with a small amount of natural rubber. The reason for this is: 1 The rubber soles produced using natural rubber are not only costly but also have poor wear resistance. ; 2 Hongyun 7# floor adhesive price is lower than natural rubber, but its rubber hydrocarbon content is more than 90%, the product has a small specific gravity, high tensile strength, good elongation at break, and produces a rubber sole with the same soft, elastic pole. Good; 3Using 7# floor natural rubber to produce rubber soles, and filled with appropriate amount of calcium powder, can improve the shortcomings of natural rubber soles with poor wear resistance, improve the wear resistance, anti-aging properties and flex resistance of transparent rubber soles. Rubber sole life; 47# floor natural rubber is yellow block rubber, easy to match with color transparent rubber sole, ideal for producing light colored transparent rubber products.

Case summary: The natural rubber in Malaysia 7# has a rubber hydrocarbon content of over 90%, a tensile strength of around 19.5Mpa, a small amount of protein, fatty acids, sugar and ash, etc. The product quality is comparable to Vietnam's 3L, the price is low, and flexibility Good, low specific gravity, high tensile strength, elongation at break, etc. Although it contains a small amount of impurities, it is sufficient for the production of molded rubber products. The replacement of natural rubber to produce a transparent rubber sole can ensure good flexibility and comfort of the sole. Sex, but also significantly reduce the cost of rubber soles raw materials.

Experience: LaTeX reclaimed rubber instead of natural rubber production of rubber products can reduce raw material costs, but for some indicators of high demand for molded natural rubber products, in addition to latex reclaimed rubber, floor natural rubber is also a good choice to reduce the cost of rubber products.