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Triangle belt selection black composite natural rubber

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Customer Name: A rubber and plastics machinery factory in Qingzhou County

Use occasion: rubber triangle belt

Use product: black composite natural rubber

Case background: Natural rubber is one of the main raw materials in rubber triangle belts, but since the price of natural rubber is vulnerable to climate, disasters and fluctuations, as a manufacturer of long-term production of V-belts, Luzhou customers have experienced the price of natural rubber from one. 10,000 or less to over 40,000 large flips, so decided to use the original rubber substitutes that are close to the current natural rubber index.

Reasons for selection: Black composite natural rubber is mainly composed of floor-standing natural rubber and gelatin. When processed, it is filled with carbon 2% and stearic acid 1%. The processed composite natural rubber has high tensile strength and good wear resistance. The indicator is close to Vietnam's 3L and Standard 2, but the price is much lower. Therefore, replacing the natural rubber production triangle can not only significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, but also ensure the performance and service life of the V-belt.

Product introduction: Rubber V-belt is a kind of transmission belt used to transmit motion or power. The ordinary V-belt is generally composed of a wrap layer, a top rubber, a tensile body (strength layer) and a primer. The wrap layer protects the V-belt. Partly protected from abrasion and erosion, and to a certain extent, the tape is stiff; the top rubber is stretched and has good elasticity. It is close to the top surface of the tensile body and acts as a protective cushion against the tensile layer; the tensile body is a triangle. The skeleton of the belt, the main force part in the transmission process, is subjected to tensile stress and load; the primer is the bottom layer of the V-belt, which needs to withstand the compressive stress generated during the transmission process, maintaining the rigidity and elasticity of the tape. Different parts have different requirements for rubber materials, but generally use natural rubber, neoprene, styrene-butadiene rubber as the main raw materials, and obtain the ideal rubber compound through reasonable formula design.

Use effect: The customer directly replaces natural rubber with a certain proportion of natural rubber, and uses ordinary rubber triangle belt together with styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber. The product has high strength, good toughness and wear resistance, and transmission noise during use. Small, shock absorption effect is remarkable, after testing various indicators can reach the national standard.

Case feedback: It is understood that the use of Hongyun black composite natural rubber to replace the natural rubber part of the rubber triangle belt in Zhangzhou customers not only reduces the production cost by about 25%, but also controls the cost within a certain range, and no longer needs to be natural rubber. Fear of the low price! The customer's market sales increased significantly after the customer lowered the price of the ordinary conveyor belt.