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How to soften natural rubber

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How to soften natural rubber

Natural rubber is the most common rubber product in the rubber products industry. It has certain elasticity, resilience and softness. Generally, the same grade of natural rubber is softer in summer. From summer to colder winter, the rubber will also be used. It becomes relatively harder; improper operation of the process, too long parking time or improper parking environment can also cause the natural rubber to become hard; then how to deal with the natural rubber hardening in actual production? How can I make the hardened natural rubber soften 1JLYY82?

How to soften natural rubber hardening, Xiao Bian believes that it should first be determined whether the unvulcanized natural rubber is hardened or the natural rubber after vulcanization becomes hard. There is an essential difference between the two, and it is necessary to solve the problem from different angles.

1. Natural rubber hardens before vulcanization

The rubber before vulcanization is raw rubber, which is usually caused by improper parking (including environment and time) or climate change. For raw rubber to harden, natural rubber products manufacturers can increase the amount of softener such as aromatic oil or reduce carbon black in the formula. The dosage can reduce the viscosity of the rubber material and make the natural rubber soft and normal use; it can also increase the number of rubber mixing on the rubber mixing machine to force the natural rubber to soften.

2. Natural rubber hardens after vulcanization

Compared with unvulcanized natural rubber, vulcanized natural rubber is a cooked rubber. Generally, hardening of cooked rubber is difficult to solve and can only be prevented. The natural rubber vulcanizate becomes hard, mainly changing the tensile strength, elongation at break and hardness. Generally, the higher the elongation of the elongation, the softer the rubber. The higher the elongation, the better the elasticity; the rubber product manufacturers can pass Adjust the amount of vulcanizing agent and accelerator in the vulcanization system, soften the amount of softener in the plasticizing system, and make the vulcanizate soft by the amount of carbon black and filler in the reinforcing filling system; usually, the vulcanization system and vulcanization conditions of the natural rubber product can be improved. Better coordination of the relationship between vulcanizate hardness, elongation at break, and tensile strength.

If the natural rubber after vulcanization only causes the rubber to harden, the natural rubber vulcanizate can be softened by appropriately reducing the amount of carbon black.

In actual production, not only the natural rubber will harden, but also the synthetic rubber and recycled rubber will encounter such problems. In this regard, rubber manufacturers improve the storage environment, improve the formulation of rubber products, and improve the production process according to the above-mentioned sayings ( Mainly the rubber mixing process and the vulcanization process parameters can soften the hardened natural rubber.

Here, I would like to mention that the natural rubber after vulcanization hardens to soften again, and rubber manufacturers must take precautions.