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Rubber Shine Eliminates Hose Bubbles

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Customer Information: A rubber pipe manufacturer in Langfang

Product use: Hongyun rubber brightener

Solve the problem: eliminate air bubbles on the hose surface

Case process: A certain rubber pipe manufacturer in Langfang is specialized in the production of automotive radiator hoses. EPDM rubber is the main raw material. The hose products produced have excellent resistance to high and low temperatures and excellent anti-aging properties. They can be used for a long time and can be maintained. Good use performance is very popular in the market; however, everything is insufficient. The only drawback of the manufacturer's auto radiator hose is that some bubbles appear on the surface of the hose. To ensure that the product flowing in the market is qualified, the In the production process, there are always obsolete defective products; however, in the long run, the production efficiency is reduced and production raw materials are wasted. Therefore, the production formula of automotive hoses has been constantly adjusted, but the effect is very small and there are always defects. Products appear.

The previous year, the customer saw the information on the rubber brightener product released by Hongyun Reclaimed Rubber Factory on the Internet, and found that the product also had the effect of eliminating bubbles, and therefore inquired. After listening to their description, Hongyun engineers did not directly use rubber brightener products. Instead, they asked the formula and raised their own doubts and made adjustments. It is recommended that they first make a sample according to the adjusted formula. Try, if the bubble situation still can not be improved, consider adding 3-5% brightener, at the same time that the company can provide 1kg samples for free.

After receiving the samples sent by Hongyun, the instructions for use of brighteners, and the formulas changed by the engineers included in the samples, the customer immediately put in the test. The results showed that no bubbles appeared on the surface of the radiator hose to which the brightener had been added, and the product surface The brightness of the light was improved; therefore, it was decided to purchase a batch of products that were formally put in production. However, the customer did not order too much when ordering for the first time. This is understandable. After all, no bubbles in the tests do not mean that all products will not appear air bubbles after they are put in production.

Case study: The customer discovered that the appearance of air bubbles on the surface of the hose was greatly reduced in the first small batch production after the rubber brightener was added to the rubber formula of the automotive radiator. This can be neglected, and significantly improved the yield of the radiator hose. Although Hongyun Rubber Brightener will increase the cost of some rubber products, the loss is much less than the discarded defective products, which is considered as “small investment, large income”.