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Rubber deodorant removes the smell of the seal

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Case Background: A Rubber Products Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province has long-term production of various sealing strips, including door and window sealing strips, automotive sealing strips, etc., which can be customized according to customer needs. Recently, the company received customer feedback is not very good, once the company from the company's goods manufacturers have said that more and more customers mind the smell of the seal to the product, sales have been falling, if the company can not eliminate the smell of the seal , will consider lifting the cooperation with the company. For this reason, the company began to look for odors that would eliminate the performance of the seal while not affecting the performance of the product.

Solution: Use Hongyun Rubber Deodorant

Use effect: Jiangsu customers added a small amount of Hongyun rubber deodorant to the seal formulation, which solved the problem of the odor of the seal strip. After testing, the seal of the rubber deodorant was added. Even if it is kept in a confined space for a long time, it will not produce any irritating odor.

Product Advantages: Compared with other similar products, Hongyun Rubber & Plastic Deodorant products not only have a significant effect on odor, but also do not produce any odor again after processing and cooling. The amount of this product is very small, according to the total amount of rubber. The addition of 5,000 to 10,000 parts of the amount only adds to the very low cost. The use of the odor removal agent is very simple and can be directly mixed with the rubber material without any processing difficulties. The product will not produce any pollution in the process of use or after the sealing strip is processed. It is an environment-friendly flavor product with no pollution, no radiation and no penetration.

Case Result: The seal strip with the addition of Hongyun Rubber deodorant solves the impact of odor problems on product sales. It fully meets the requirements of customers. All manufacturers are full of praise for the company's new products and signed long-term supply agreements with them. Cooperation agreement for goods. According to the manufacturer's product research and development department, the customer decided to develop a seal product that can be exported. For the flavor product, it uses the rubber plastic deconcentration and deodorizing agent.

Experience summary: Many rubber product manufacturers encounter odor problems of rubber products when producing rubber products, especially indoor rubber products. Even if they pass relevant tests, the odor cannot be eradicated. The traditional flavor odor masking method is either short Time is effective, or it is simply masked, or it may affect the performance of rubber products. Therefore, the use of new rubber odor products is imperative.