Rubber brightening agent

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Rubber brightening agent

  • Purpose:bright
  • Appearance:powder
  • Fineness of mesh:120mesh
  • Melting point:90℃
  • Environmental level:ROHS
  • Produced:HongYun
  • Specifications:20KG
  • Packing:bag
  • Date:2010-01
  • Hits:11541

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Rubber brightener also called rubber polishing agent, defoaming agent, mainly black mould or extrusion of rubber surface Ukraine is not black problem for use after absorbing rubber and water to enhance the fluidity of the compound materials, the formation of black protective film on the surface of rubber, eliminate to promote and improve the microporous bubble vulcanized rubber products toughness. Usually the amount and the gum ratio between 5%-10%.

Suitable for products: rubber extrusion products are not shiny, no gloss, prevent bubble formation, improve yield; natural rubber, synthetic rubber, recycled rubber can be used.

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