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Application of rubber brightening agent in export rubber sheath

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Customer Name: Hebei Imported Rubber Products Processing Factory

Product use: Fortune rubber brightener

Solve the problem: increase the surface brightness of export rubber sheath

Usage and dosage: Simultaneously with the accelerator, the amount is controlled at 5%-8% of the rubber compound

Case Background: A rubber product processing company in Hebei has been producing various export-oriented rubber products for its customers. The customer has a long-term partner who specializes in producing export rubber sheaths. The product is based on environmental protection EPDM reclaimed rubber as the main raw material processed, regardless of the physical and mechanical indicators or high temperature resistance, aging resistance can meet user needs, but the rubber sheath surface brightness has not reached the customer's needs Improving the brightness of the rubber sheath is imminent.

Encountered problems: Compounding agents for improving the brightness of rubber products include resins, synthetic waxes, etc. Synthetic waxes can play a role in the production of rubber products such as lubrication, brightening, anti-sticking, and defoaming, but they have certain disadvantages. Less than export-type rubber sheath requirements.

Advantages of rubber brightener: Hongyun Rubber Product Brightener is a new brightener product specially developed by the Beijing Rubber Research Institute to improve the properties of reclaimed rubber products. It can increase the toughness of reclaimed rubber products and eliminate reprocessed rubber products during processing. Bubbles improve the fluidity and processability of reclaimed rubber products, increase the surface brightness of reclaimed rubber products, and fundamentally solve the phenomenon of rejuvenation of rubber products on the surface; the most important one is that Hongyun Rubber Brightener is an environmentally friendly rubber product compounding agent. The production of the export rubber sheath will not bring pollution, nor will it affect the performance of the rubber sheath itself.

Case Summary: Export-oriented rubber products are very strict for environmental protection and must meet international environmental standards. Therefore, we must not only choose environmentally friendly reclaimed rubber raw materials, but also use environmentally-friendly compounding agents to ensure that the rubber products produced meet environmental protection standards. Fortune rubber brightener can significantly increase the rubber product surface brightness at the same time can significantly increase the rubber product yield, reduce the total production cost of rubber products.