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The Reason and Solution of "Red Variation" in Rubber Sole

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The Reason and Solution of "Red Variation" in Rubber Sole

The elasticity of the rubber sole is very good and it is very soft and comfortable to wear. It is loved by all people. Many of the light-colored sports soles are made of rubber. However, when rubber is used to produce white rubber soles, rubber sole manufacturers often encounter the problem of “red-change”. Some manufacturers who use reclaimed rubber also think that they are quality problems of reclaimed rubber. Is this really the case? Why does a rubber sole have a partial redness problem and how can it be solved?

The raw material of latex reclaimed rubber in reclaimed rubber products is waste natural rubber and waste latex products. It has good elasticity and small specific gravity. It can substitute natural rubber to produce rubber soles to reduce raw material costs. White latex reclaimed rubber can also produce various white and light colors. Sports soles; for this reason, many people attribute the discoloration of white rubber soles to reclaimed rubber, but in actual production, the reason for the “red shift” of white rubber soles is not only the quality of reclaimed rubber.

The use of easily discolored antioxidants will cause the rubber soles to turn red. The performance of the white rubber soles is particularly noticeable. Part of the redness is one of the manifestations. The rubber soles use phenolic antioxidants. The upper material of the rubber soles is just alkaline and the white rubber soles appear. Reddish; After the rubber shoe sole reacts with antioxidants and vulcanizing agents, the vamp material processing agent volatilizes; in addition, the color fixing of the rubber uppers is not good, and the rubber sole material vulcanizes and the color migrates to the rubber surface; white rubber The shoe soles are formed at a high temperature, the shoe upper reacts with rubber soles and adhesives so that rubber soles become “red”, and if rubber soles are used in production, such problems also occur.

Therefore, the "redness" of rubber soles is not necessarily a problem with rubber raw materials. If you just use reclaimed rubber, don't just look for the cause in reclaimed rubber. Solve the "rubber change" problem of rubber products. Rubber product manufacturers should look for reasons from various aspects such as antioxidants, rubber oils, and upper materials. Carefully choose the types of antioxidants, shoe materials, and rubber oils that do not migrate: antioxidants and uppers The material should not be chemically reacted. We should choose a high-quality pigment for color fixing. If necessary, we can add a water-soluble adhesive.

Here, Xiao Bian also wanted to say: If you want to add reclaimed rubber to white rubber soles to reduce the cost of raw materials, not only to choose light-colored reclaimed rubber, but also to choose no transfer of reclaimed rubber products.