PP reclaimed rubber 90%

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PP reclaimed rubber 90%

  • Tensile strength:12Mpa
  • Elongation at break:600%
  • Shore hardness:30HA
  • Fineness of mesh:80mesh
  • Environmental level:ROHS
  • Produced:HongYun
  • Specifications:20KG
  • Packing:Plastic
  • Date:2010-01
  • Hits:9219

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90%PP selected PP reclaimed rubber rubber bottle cap as the main raw material, made by cleaning, crushing, desulfurization, 60 double channel filter, anti-aging, high temperature, high elongation, feel good elasticity, viscosity, tensile strength and other characteristics, to replace part of natural rubber properties remain unchanged in rubber products, widely used to reduce natural rubber or neoprene rubber as the main raw material cost of raw materials, can also be mixed with part of properties of vulcanized butyl rubber as copolymerization monomer modified butyl rubber.

Applicable products: medical rubber, cork, automobile motorcycle tire, rubber plate, rubber shoes, rubber hose, adhesive tape, cable, rubber products, rubber toys, craft and other rubber products.

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