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Latex reclaimed rubber to produce pet rubber toys

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Customer Name: Zhejiang Pet Toy Co., Ltd.

Select product: Fortune latex reclaimed rubber

Basic situation: Zhejiang Pet Toys Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of pet rubber toys, with novel style and bright colors; all kinds of pet rubber toys have been highly praised by domestic and foreign customers; market competition has become increasingly fierce, and the customer has reduced production costs. To improve market competitiveness, it is decided to use a proper amount of latex reclaimed rubber in rubber toys with natural rubber as the main raw material; latex reclaimed rubber as a renewable resource, if it is not properly selected, it will directly affect the quality of pet toys, especially in the unprecedented environmental protection. when.

Case process: As a local pet toy processing enterprise, Zhejiang customers have always strictly controlled the quality of raw materials. It can be said that it is forced to use latex reclaimed rubber under the pressure of market economy. Therefore, we hope to find a standard that can meet the relevant standards. It can provide long-term cooperation with manufacturers of latex reclaimed rubber with stable quality. After careful screening, the customer began to communicate with the sales headquarters of Recycled Rubber.

The pet toys involved in Zhejiang customers include rubber balls, molded rubber, toy tires and other toys of different colors and different uses; Hongyun reclaimed rubber is a regular reclaimed rubber manufacturer, and there are many types of latex reclaimed rubber products. Sales staff give advice - "specific issues are treated specifically"; for black or dark pet rubber toys, you can use Fortune Black Latex Recycled Rubber, which is slightly lower than the same index of white latex reclaimed rubber, and cost-effective; for colored rubber toys, It is recommended to use white pure latex reclaimed rubber to provide a greater advantage for toy quality and color matching.

Case Results: Zhejiang customers received four kinds of latex reclaimed rubber (white pure latex reclaimed rubber, 100% white odorless latex reclaimed rubber, 100% black latex reclaimed rubber and 85% black latex reclaimed rubber) sent by Hongyun Recycled Rubber. After the indicator was tested, it was decided to select white pure latex reclaimed rubber and 100% black latex reclaimed rubber; the pet rubber toys produced according to the new formula met the requirements of the index and the relevant national standards, and therefore decided to mass production.

Case study: Latex reclaimed rubber is an ideal choice for reducing the raw materials of natural rubber products, but it is not a random use of latex reclaimed rubber; rubber products manufacturers should choose rubber latex reclaimed rubber according to rubber products. Color, performance, use of manufacturers and other factors to choose the appropriate indicators, the appropriate color of latex reclaimed rubber; It is understood that Zhejiang customers also want to try the red latex reclaimed rubber products, is not until the deadline for the publication of the cooperation has not been completely finalized.