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Reduce the cost of high quality rubber spring pads - reclaimed rubber

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The rubber spring pad professionally produced by a rubber parts manufacturer in Xinxiang, Henan Province has good quality and high user evaluation. The sales volume of the products has increased year by year. However, in recent years, the market competition is fierce and the sales volume has plummeted. According to the customer's response, the same high quality spring pad, other home The price of the product is lower, even the old customers have begun to get goods from other places; watching the performance of this straight down, the sales manager is in a hurry, where is the problem? How to solve it?

problem found

In order to produce high-quality rubber spring pads, the raw materials of the products must have excellent elasticity and wear resistance. The rubber spring pads produced can have good shock absorption performance and long service life; therefore, the factory has always used natural rubber and butyl. The rubber spring pad is produced by the combination of benzene glue; however, the price of natural rubber is high, and the market is extremely unstable; for rubber spring pad manufacturers, the cost is high, the profit is difficult to estimate, the profit is difficult, and the pricing of the product is naturally higher. I heard that other manufacturers have found alternative raw materials to reduce the cost of raw materials, but have never tried to prevent the quality of their products.

Finding method

The purchasing staff of the factory inadvertently saw the product information of the reclaimed rubber when browsing the materials on the website. They thought that the rubber spring mats produced by them had higher requirements on the mechanical properties of the raw materials, and always insisted on using natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber for production. Replacing the original rubber with recycled rubber to produce a rubber spring pad can reduce a large part of the production cost, but can the spring pad produced meet the performance requirements of the product? But now the situation is urgent, and if there is no way to find a way, the company will face a loss situation and can only try it. So he found the Fortune Recycled Rubber Factory.


The sales staff of Hongyun Recycled Rubber Factory learned about the situation of the factory and the current concerns. They introduced the product specifications, performance and the difference of the original rubber. They recommended that they use latex reclaimed rubber + natural rubber + styrene-butadiene rubber. The method of producing rubber spring pad; latex reclaimed rubber is recommended to use 100% black latex reclaimed rubber, because it has high glue content, high tensile strength, good elasticity, high cost performance, good compatibility with natural rubber, can guarantee the production of spring The mat has good mechanical properties and will not have any effect on the performance and service life of the rubber spring pad.


The factory took 100% black pure latex reclaimed rubber samples from Fortune Company and went back to the test. The test results show that the rubber spring pads produced by replacing the natural rubber with black latex reclaimed rubber have high resilience, good shock absorption effect and small resonance field. The performance is stable, and the performance is basically the same as that of the original method, and can be put into use in a large amount. After comparison, the rubber spring pad produced by using this scheme can save about 1/3 of the production cost compared with the original method, and solves the problem of high cost and poor sales of the plant.