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Pattern application of latex reclaimed rubber in steering wheel cover

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Customer Name: A rubber product processing plant in Zhangzhou Hejian

Use product: Fortune latex reclaimed rubber

How to use: Use with natural rubber to produce the rubber part of the steering wheel of the car

Case background: A rubber product processing factory in Luzhou River specializes in producing all kinds of rubber rings, rubber strips and rubber mats. It is constantly researching and innovating to provide users with more rubber products. The steering wheel cover is the latest product of the factory. Through continuous market research, Hejian customers found that the competition in the rubber steering wheel cover market is particularly fierce. People's pursuit of cost performance is getting higher and higher. If you want to win a place under this trend, you must provide new products with quality and price coexistence. The price wins.

Case study: At present, the rubber steering wheel on the market mostly uses natural rubber as the main raw material, but the high price and price fluctuation of natural rubber are obvious to all. If there is a new material that is basically consistent with the performance of natural rubber, low in price but not easy to fluctuate, it replaces natural. Glue is a perfect fit. Latex reclaimed rubber is a reclaimed rubber processed from waste natural rubber and waste latex products. Its molecular structure and performance characteristics are basically the same as those of natural rubber. The price is much lower than that of natural rubber. It is the best choice for the production of rubber steering wheel instead of natural rubber.

Latex color and price: Latex reclaimed rubber can be divided into white latex reclaimed rubber, black latex reclaimed rubber and a small amount of colored latex reclaimed rubber according to color. The price of black latex reclaimed rubber with the same index is lower than that of white latex reclaimed rubber. High; color latex reclaimed rubber such as red latex reclaimed rubber, green latex reclaimed rubber, blue latex reclaimed rubber and other products are not very common, so do not elaborate.

Customer choice: Inter-city customers communicated with the sales headquarters of Hongyun, and finally decided to use high-capacity, high-strength Fortune Fortune white pure latex reclaimed rubber and a certain proportion of natural rubber to produce white, light color, The color steering wheel cover uses a 100% black latex reclaimed rubber that is basically the same as the white pure latex reclaimed rubber to produce black and dark latex steering wheel covers, which can reduce the cost and facilitate the color matching of the steering wheel cover.

Case summary: Many customers are likely to focus on a kind of reclaimed rubber when choosing reclaimed rubber. They think that “this kind of reclaimed rubber is the most suitable”, but in actual production, the same color system may also be used. Different reclaimed rubbers, or the same reclaimed rubber, can be produced in different formulations to produce different grades of similar products. The customers in Zhangzhou River played the “pattern” in the latex reclaimed rubber, and finally won more economic benefits for themselves.