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Latex reclaimed rubber production color tension rubber strip formula design process

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Customer Name: Guangdong Dongguan Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Use product: Fortune white pure latex reclaimed rubber

Production of products: color tension rubber strip

Specific needs: good elasticity, large elongation, soft texture, bright color, environmentally friendly and no odor, requiring hardness of 40HA and elongation at break of about 500%.

Demand analysis: Dongguan customers produce color tension rubber strips, which require high elasticity, good flexibility and easy flexing and stretching. Usually, they are mainly made of natural rubber and used with a small amount of butadiene rubber. Latex reclaimed rubber in recycled rubber products is natural. Rubber products and waste latex products are processed from raw materials, with high rubber content and good elasticity, which can replace natural rubber to produce color tension rubber strips;

The customer pulls the strip as color, and chooses the white latex reclaimed rubber color matching. The white pure latex reclaimed rubber is processed by the waste latex condom and the floor glue as the raw material, which has higher rubber hydrocarbon content and elasticity. Good, tensile strength, can replace more natural rubber, reduce production costs.

Formulation design process: After selecting latex reclaimed rubber products according to customer needs, it is decided to use latex reclaimed rubber, natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber to produce color tension rubber strips; in combination with white carbon black as reinforcing agent and Baiyanhua as filler White mineral oil as a softening agent (light color matching strip should be selected for bright color ribbons).

According to the contribution of latex reclaimed rubber, natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber to the hardness and the contribution of each reinforcing agent, filler and softener to the hardness, combined with the relevant formula to determine the amount of various compounding agents; The amount of vulcanizing agent, accelerator and vulcanization aid (mostly stearic acid and zinc oxide); finally, according to the test results and actual needs, the dosage of each compounding agent is adjusted reasonably to determine the production formula.

After the formula design is completed, the mastication process conditions, the kneading process conditions, and the vulcanization molding conditions are determined according to the characteristics of various rubber compounds and compounding agents.

Case summary: Formulation is very important in the production of recycled rubber products. Reasonable design of rubber products containing reclaimed rubber can further increase the amount of reclaimed rubber, reduce the cost of raw materials and production costs. Recycled rubber is used in the production of color and light-colored rubber products. Rubber products manufacturers should avoid using dark and black reclaimed rubber as much as possible. Choose light-colored reclaimed rubber. For example, color tension rubber strips are easier to use with white latex reclaimed rubber. Light-colored doors and windows Sealing strips may wish to try white-gray EPDM reclaimed rubber.