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Red Latex Reclaimed Rubber Produces Red Inner Tube

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Case history: in 90s, white regeneration and red regeneration were a great hit. Red reclaimed rubber was a kind of reclaimed rubber processed from waste red inner tube. It was widely used in the production of red rubber products. Although the tube products are mostly butyl tube, but there are many manufacturers to produce red tube, Cangzhou has such a specialized production of red tube products manufacturers.

Overview: a case of Cangzhou Hongyun Plastic products factory began to use red latex reclaimed rubber production red tube products from 15, their regeneration in red latex formulations have added a small amount of natural rubber, the production of tube products sales have been good, very good reputation, widely used for agricultural vehicles, electric vehicles, motorcycle, bike etc..

Products: Hongyun red latex regeneration gel

Basic parameters: guttacontent, 80%; color, red; tensile strength, elongation at break, 9Mpa; 580%; hardness of 36 degrees.

Case analysis: red latex properties of reclaimed rubber and reclaimed rubber latex black and white latex reclaimed rubber is roughly the same, can be used to replace the natural rubber production of various rubber products, used in the production of red color tube products easy, not easy to appear the phenomenon of color transfer; red latex reclaimed rubber selected high-quality imported red latex gloves, red balloons the main raw material, red latex reclaimed rubber processing and become very soft; red latex reclaimed rubber in production through strict desulfurization, filtering and other complex processes, products of high fineness, airtight tube products produced by the high, not easy to leak, the product surface gloss, may be appropriate to extend the service life of the red red latex regeneration tube; glue the price is very low, instead of natural rubber, latex production tube products can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials.

Benefit analysis: the customer to Hongyun red latex reclaimed rubber as the main raw material, according to the ratio of 1.5:1 to replace natural rubber; in order to improve the performance of tube product, add a small amount of natural rubber in the formula, effectively improve the quality of the tube; Cangzhou customers to use red latex rubber tube production and good product, it decreases about 15% of raw materials the cost occupies a strong advantage in the fierce market competition, to achieve the quality and cost of win-win.

Case Highlights: Nowadays many rubber products manufacturers have begun to produce various colored rubber products in order to meet the market demand, among which red rubber products are more popular; the price of red latex reclaimed rubber is much lower than that of natural rubber, and the production of red rubber products is easy to match color, It is not easy to change color, it is the best choice for raw materials of red rubber products.