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Reasons for choosing isoprene reclaimed rubber to produce hoses

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A few days ago, a customer came to buy reclaimed rubber hose production, our sales staff listened to the various needs of customers, recommend them to use Hongyun 100% isoprene reclaimed rubber, which is well known in the rubber industry PP reclaimed rubber , The customer some do not understand: latex reclaimed rubber flexible, EPDM reclaimed rubber high temperature, anti-aging, are the ideal material for the production of hoses, why not use isoprene reclaimed rubber?

This sales staff said that this is determined by the hose itself needs:

1, Isoprene reclaimed rubber Compared with reclaimed rubber such as EPDM reclaimed rubber, it has good elasticity and strong tear strength and possesses the performance characteristics of latex reclaimed rubber. The hose products produced can be bent easily and not easily broken , Even at lower temperatures can maintain good flexibility and resilience, with more flexibility.

2, Isoprene reclaimed rubber and latex reclaimed rubber compared with EPDM reclaimed rubber with high temperature, anti-aging characteristics, with butyl reclaimed rubber good airtight, produced hose products have a long The service life, both in the process of using gas or liquid are not prone to leakage phenomenon.

3, isoprene reclaimed rubber is usually vulcanized rubber isoprene, isoprene bottle stopper as the main raw material, mostly light gray, can be used to produce some dark-colored light-colored hose products, Easy to color in the production process, easy to decolorize discoloration, especially in the black hose over the market is very easy to come to the fore, for more use occasions; in a variety of hoses and can be used when the color can distinguish between uses, very practical.

4, Isoprene reclaimed rubber, either compared with natural rubber, or compared to synthetic rubber, or with a high content of latex reclaimed rubber, EPDM reclaimed rubber and other products, lower prices, you can Significantly reduce the cost of raw materials; At the same time, waste rubber products as raw materials processed isoprene reclaimed rubber price fluctuations are small, manufacturers can not only reduce costs, but also the cost control in a reasonable range In the fierce competition in the market, stable quality, small price fluctuations in products easier to seize the initiative.

The hose produced by this customer not only needs to have good elasticity, but also needs to be exposed to the outdoors for a long period of time, so it must have a certain anti-aging property. In this case, isoprene reclaimed rubber called "synthetic natural rubber" is most suitable select.

Hongyun recycled plastic factory production of isoprene reclaimed rubber has two specifications of the product, 100% isoprene reclaimed rubber, 90% isoprene reclaimed rubber, the product selection of high quality raw materials produced to meet different Customer demand, if you are interested in trying Hongyun PP reclaimed rubber, you can call 0318-2686766, we provide samples for free.