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Rubber band using latex reclaimed rubber

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Customer Name: Guangdong Huizhou Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Use product: white pure latex reclaimed rubber

Use occasion: production of rubber bands

Solve the problem: Inferior rubber with high oil content produces rubber bands with rough surface, high odor, low toughness and easy breakage.

Case background: Rubber bands can tie things together. It is a common common thing in life. It is a big market for rubber products manufacturers. Many rubber products manufacturers use this product as the “homework”, Huizhou customers are Such a company that has been engaged in rubber band production for many years; the customer has been walking between cost and quality, but it is difficult to find a balance point; once using low-cost rubber with high oil content to produce rubber bands, the cost is reduced Down, the quality of the product is really not flattering, but also because this batch of "inferior products" lost a big customer.

Reasons for selection: The main raw materials of white pure latex reclaimed rubber are rubber tree waste rubber cup, rubber yarn, waste rubber and floor natural rubber. The rubber content is 100%. The main components are basically the same as the original rubber. After crushing, desulfurization and disinfection, After the completion of many complicated processes such as drying and filtration, the product has high fineness, small specific gravity, good elasticity, easy color matching, environmentally friendly and odorless. The rubber band samples that replace the natural rubber can meet the testing standards.

Use effect: The customer replaces the natural rubber production rubber band with white pure latex reclaimed rubber, which reduces the production cost by about 35%. After the mass production is put into the market, the old customers react, and the new batch of rubber bands have good toughness, high strength and tear. It has high elongation and good resilience. It can be stretched and expanded freely in a wide range. There is basically no problem of breakage, oil, yellowing, looseness and stickiness in normal use. It will not leave any trace when used for binding items. .

Case Tracking: Huizhou customers have used Fortune White Pure Latex Recycled Rubber for about three years. The order quantity and ordering time are shortening. Recently, they plan to use Fortune's black latex reclaimed rubber and red latex reclaimed rubber to produce other color rubber. Reinforcement, presumably economic benefits are good!