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Filter black latex reclaimed rubber production seal

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Customer Name: Hebei Jingxian Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Use product: 85% black filter latex reclaimed rubber

Use occasion: production of rubber sealing strip

Customer introduction: Hebei Jingxian Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. produces various rubber products such as rubber hoses, rubber strips and seals, involving many industries such as automobile, machinery and chemical industry. The sales area is spread over many cities near Hebei Province. A comprehensive rubber product processing enterprise; rubber seals produced using natural rubber are their "starting" products.

Case background: Taking automobile sealing strip as an example, the traditional sealing strip is made of natural rubber and neoprene. The product has good elasticity and high mechanical strength, but the weather resistance and aging resistance are not as good as the mainstream products on the market. Ethylene-acrylic seals are facing the risk of being eliminated; therefore, Jingxian customers decided to use latex reclaimed rubber instead of high-priced natural rubber to produce natural rubber seals, reduce the production cost of seals, and target the market for weather-resistant and heat-resistant seals. Ozone resistance requirements are not very high in various occasions.

Reason for selection: Fortune 85% filter latex reclaimed rubber is processed by Malaysia's imported variegated waste latex gloves through strict selection, crushing, desulfurization, drying, filtration, extrusion and other processes. It has good elasticity, small specific gravity and no Impurities, fineness up to 80 mesh, used to produce rubber sealing strips can ensure the smooth extrusion process of the rubber strip, and also ensure the smooth and bright surface of the sealing strip; it is worth mentioning that the waste latex gloves are used as raw materials. The black filter latex reclaimed rubber itself contains a certain amount of anti-aging agent, reinforcing agent, etc., and can further improve the tear resistance, anti-aging property and flexural resistance of the rubber sealing strip, and prolong the service life of the sealing strip.

Case Results: Jingxian customers replaced 85% of black latex reclaimed rubber with natural rubber and added a small amount of standard to the formula to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and ensuring the quality of rubber seals; After the month, it is understood that the rubber seals processed by the black-filtered latex reclaimed rubber of Jingxian customers as the main raw materials have risen linearly in the low-end market, and the benefits have increased significantly, which perfectly reverses the natural rubber seals to be “offline”. situation.