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Application of pure latex reclaimed rubber in rubber sole

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Customer Name: Henan sole factory

Use product: pure latex reclaimed rubber

Use occasion: replace part of butadiene rubber to produce cloth rubber soles

Performance requirements: high strength, high elongation, high wear resistance, low cost

Case background: Rubber shoes are one of the most common shoe materials on the market, among which cloth shoes are mostly used. The main business project of a sole factory in Henan is to customize the production of various kinds of cloth shoes soles for customers. One of the main raw materials for cloth shoes on the market is butadiene rubber, which is a kind of synthetic rubber with excellent elasticity, cold resistance and wear resistance. However, the price of butadiene rubber is still high and the resources are tight. Cost, ease the tension of rubber resources, decided to replace the butadiene rubber with some latex reclaimed rubber to produce cloth soles.

Reasons for selection: The raw materials of latex reclaimed rubber are waste natural rubber, waste latex products, etc. Among them, pure latex rubber reclaimed rubber products are processed from natural rubber waste rubber cups, rubber yarns, waste rubber materials and waste latex reclaimed rubber. It has high glue content, good elasticity, small specific gravity and good compatibility with butadiene rubber. It is an ideal raw material for the production of cloth rubber shoes for replacing butadiene rubber. Among them, Hongyun white pure latex reclaimed rubber can be used in the processing of light color and color cloth rubber soles. The black rubber latex reclaimed rubber is more cost-effective in the production of black rubber soles.

Use effect: reduce the cost of rubber compound, improve process performance and ensure product specifications. The price of pure latex reclaimed rubber products is significantly lower than that of butadiene rubber. The replacement of butadiene rubber can reduce the cost of rubber sole rubber. In the production process, it can be modified by some processes such as crushing, desulfurization and molding, which can be improved to some extent. The processing technology reduces the production energy consumption of the soles of the cloth rubber shoes; the proper amount of pure latex rubber reclaimed rubber can not only reduce the production cost, but also ensure the various indexes of the rubber soles, and is an ideal substitute material for the soles of the cloth rubber shoes.

Case summary: The pure latex reclaimed rubber on the market mainly consists of white pure latex reclaimed rubber and black pure latex reclaimed rubber. The price of black pure latex reclaimed rubber with the same index is lower than that of white pure latex reclaimed rubber, and the cost performance is higher. Therefore, rubber sole manufacturers must use black pure latex reclaimed rubber when selecting the raw materials used in black soles, which can minimize the production cost and improve the economic benefit. It can also avoid the difficulty of color matching of black rubber soles due to the use of light-colored raw materials. Problems such as graying on the surface, and more in one fell swoop.