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Heat resistance of isoprene reclaimed rubber vulcanizate

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Heat resistance of isoprene reclaimed rubber vulcanizate

The main raw material of isoprene reclaimed rubber is isoprene unvulcanized rubber or isoprene cap stopper, which is resistant to high and low temperature, aging resistance, viscosity and air tightness compared with latex reclaimed rubber. Better, compared with EPDM reclaimed rubber and butyl reclaimed rubber, it is more advantageous in elasticity and softness, and is widely used in the production of various rubber products. Studies have shown that in the same vulcanization system, the heat resistance of isoprene vulcanizate is relatively poor, so the heat resistance of isoprene reclaimed vulcanizate retaining the basic performance characteristics of isoprene rubber, and What about the factors?

The heat resistance of the isoprene reclaimed rubber after vulcanization is basically the same as that of the isoprene rubber, but it does not mean that the heat resistance of all the isoprene reclaimed rubber vulcanizates is poor; The heat resistance of vulcanizate is directly related, and the vulcanization system is the decisive factor.

When using isoprene reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products, the vulcanized rubber after vulcanization of ordinary sulfur vulcanization system is usually the worst heat resistance. The vulcanized rubber after vulcanization is the best heat resistance. After vulcanization of semi-effective vulcanization system The heat resistance of the PP reclaimed rubber is in between, and good results can be obtained by using sulfur donors in whole or in part to replace sulfur.

In the production process of PP recycled rubber products, many manufacturers will reduce the amount of sulfur by increasing the amount of vulcanizing agent, but in fact, the heat resistance of the rubber is not good, so this method is in the production process of isoprene recycled rubber products. It is not preferable; the sulfur, sulfur donor (most commonly dithiodimorpholine) and the accelerator are used in an appropriate amount, and the vulcanization system of the isoprene reclaimed rubber product can be prepared with excellent heat resistance. Recycled rubber compound, need to pay attention to the solubility of the compounding agent in the compound in the vulcanization system.

When using isoprene reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products with certain heat resistance requirements, rubber products manufacturers can also adjust the type and amount of compounding agent, softening system and anti-aging system compounding agent in formula, such as carbon black. White carbon black, zinc oxide, paraffin oil, aromatic oil, anti-heat aging agent, etc., further improve the heat resistance of rubber products using isoprene reclaimed rubber as a main raw material. In actual production, isoprene reclaimed rubber is often used in other types of rubber products to improve the overall performance of rubber products.